This is an unofficial teardown to iFixit of the great Samsung Galaxy S II, enjoy! ;)

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Samsung Galaxy S II, use our service manual.

  1. The 4.3-inch super Amoled Plus display is simply gorgeous!
    • The 4.3-inch super Amoled Plus display is simply gorgeous!

  2. Look at how slim the phone is! Only 8.49mm thin!
    • Look at how slim the phone is! Only 8.49mm thin!

    • Back cover is flexible but don't worry it will not break. It also has a nice texture to it.

    • Look at how compact everything is inside!

    • Remove the seven visible screws.

    • Then unclip the back panel starting on the left next to the audio jack. Go slowly.

    • Removing the back panel gives you an impressive and sophisticated view of the internals.

    • Removing the motherboard is as simple as it looks !

    • Unclip the 5 ribbon connectors and the antenna cable.

    • Then remove the 2 small black screws.

    • Don't forget to unglue the volume flex and power flex, they are attached to the motherboard. Otherwise the motherboard won't come out easily like it should.

    • The board with removed EMI shields.

    • The front.

    • ..and the back.

    • The front panel without the logic board.

    • The front facing camera part, the cinch-vibrator-1.mic part and the usb connection-2.mic-antenna board.

    • The camera connector is at the upper left corner in the second picture.

    • The power and volume buttons are soldered to the logic board.

    • View the picture in HQ if you want to be impressed!

    • This EMI shield is nearly a heat sink.

    • Should be useful with a 1.2GHz dual core under it!

    • The (tiny) 8MP camera.

    • It's smaller than an iPhone 4 camera.

    • The front-facing camera and the light sensor are a single part.

    • The front-facing camera is 2MP, which is better than the iPhone 4's VGA camera.

    • The vibrator, first mic (did you know there are two?), cinch plug and the earspeaker.

    • The USB-connection and 2 x mic board.

    • It's stuck with glue to the front panel.

    • The (only) antenna cable and a metal shield holding the light sensor in place.

    • This is it.

    • It still works after reassembly!


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Why not show the great display? =\

Diego Sampaio - Reply

Do you see the NFC module ? (the phone come frome England?)

Beacause there is a big disscution between ethier the NFC is not implemented on phone, maybe the chip is on ?

Forever TPC - Reply

no, it should be from germany, I bought it there ;)

lon -

I'll change it for you ;)

lon -

Where can I purchase any mobile NFC chip and solder on to Galaxy S2 International version (I9100)?

Tai Li -

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