A teardown of the Logitech M235 wireless mouse

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Logitech Mouse, use our service manual.

  1. Remove the battery and battery cover
    • Remove the battery and battery cover

  2. Remove the the two screws holding  the cover.
    • Remove the the two screws holding the cover.

    • I had two of these mouses and one of them had a screw hidden under the CE sticker so make sure you check it out before opening the mouse apart

    • Use a prying tool to split the mouse case apart.

    • The case should be easy to open and not require much force.

    • The PCB is only held by a few clips and can be easily removed.

    • The top mouse cover can be removed by undoing three white clips holding it on the grey plastic part.

    • Done!


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Great work. Hope to see some more of your work

Mustafa karu - Reply

thank you..this helped me a looot

Sharnav Kundu - Reply

My M325 has NO SCREWS!!! Now what???

christcansaveyou - Reply

There are several variants. Mine has only one screw, hidden by the battery compartment label, near the + terminal

Robert Reite - Reply

The most common problem with this mouse is dust and dirt getting in the optical encoder for the wheel.

Robert Reite - Reply

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