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I am tearing down a router!

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Linksys Router WRT54G2 V1, use our service manual.

  1. looks like my desk is a mess! Time to clean up!
    • looks like my desk is a mess! Time to clean up!

      • This may take a while.

  2. Much Better.
    • Much Better.

    • The lighting looks good with minifigure holding a spudger.

      • Do not attempt to make a minifigure hold a spudger. he could fall over and get hurt.

    • this is the linksys WRT54G2 V1.

    • The Internet in jack.

    • The 4 Ethernet out jacks

    • One reset button.

    • One 12 Volt DC .5 amp inlet.

    • 1 WPS button.

    • This is the back of the router. and 4 of its screws must be removed

    • WHAT IS THIS? A new screw!

      • Nothing but the best equipment to tackle this! @kelsea recommended I should use my tools more.

    • I feel a disturbance in this repair...

    • AHA! its darth voider! WE MUST DESTROY HIM!

    • iFixit emerges once again! VICTORY!

    • How do we open this? Rip it open? No... As tempting as that is there must be a more elegant way...

    • iFixit tools are elegant right? Use a iFixit Opening Tool to do the trick. mostly in the back corners.

      • The cover seems to pop back with nothing holding it. I used a screw from the router to hold it.

    • only popping the back corners does not appear to be enough.

    • The front area seems stronger, and it feels like it may snap my opening tool. onto the big guns!

    • Engraved with the word IFIXIT to show authenticity.

    • Made with REAL metal

    • Look at that obviously not edited in shine!

    • Luckily I own one of these beauties. you can buy one too! BUY THE SPUDGENATOR 9000 HERE!

    • insert the SPUDGENATOR 9000 and slide it through the split until you here pops.

    • POP!

    • POP!

    • POP!

    • Eventually it will open.

    • Here is the back of the WPS button.

    • These tabs are held in too much for my fingers to get! Time for the SPUNGENATOR 9000! use it to pry those tough tabs.

    • Aaaaand its out! (after breaking a tab)

    • Removal of the logic board motherboard includes no screws.

    • I'm not removing the motherboard because that would involve cutting the wires, and I want to use this later! (not in the mood for soldering today. =p)

    • All the parts.

    • Thumbs up not included.

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