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It's only been 9 months, and already LG has a new top dog: the G5. After our teardown of the G4 last year, we applauded LG for remaining steadfast and resolute in offering removable batteries. But we also wondered how they could both keep the accessibility and compete with the unibody trend.

The answer is before us today, in the form of the LG G5—a unibody smartphone with an easily removable battery. Let's tear it down and see what other repairability tricks or treats it's hiding.

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This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your LG G5, use our service manual.

  1. LG G5 Teardown, LG G5 Teardown: step 1, image 1 of 2 LG G5 Teardown, LG G5 Teardown: step 1, image 2 of 2
    • We're most interested in the G5's design, but some potent hardware lurks inside as well. Specs include:

    • 5.3-inch "Quad HD" IPS multi-touch display with 2,560 x 1,440 resolution (554 ppi)

    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with Adreno 530 GPU and 4 GB RAM

    • Dual rear cameras (16 MP OIS primary and 8 MP wide-angle) and 8 MP front camera

    • 32 GB on-board storage, with expandable microSD card storage up to 2 TB

    • USB Type-C + 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wi-fi + Bluetooth 4.2 + NFC + IR blaster

    • Fingerprint sensor + accelerometer + gyro + proximity sensor + barometer

    • Android 6.0 Marshmallow

  2. LG G5 Teardown: step 2, image 1 of 2 LG G5 Teardown: step 2, image 2 of 2
    • A quick comparison with last year's LG G4 shows off the G5's smoother, rounder, and more metallic exterior.

    • When stacked up against (or on top of) its older sibling, the G5 seems a bit chunkier than the G4. The G4 also felt nicer in the hand, and was a bit easier to grip.

    • Apparently, LG's move to a modular design and the use of the LM201 aluminum alloy forced them to step back from last year's slightly sleeker form factor. Still, we sense good things in store.

    • Is it just us, or does the G5 kinda look like Johnny 5?

  3. LG G5 Teardown: step 3, image 1 of 3 LG G5 Teardown: step 3, image 2 of 3 LG G5 Teardown: step 3, image 3 of 3
    • We take a second to appreciate LG's little reminder that the G5 comes with a super-removable battery. How cute.

    • With the press of handy a button, we slide out the G5's battery module. Yep, removing the battery is even easier than it was on their last flagship phone.

    • Replaceable batteries make us happy. They play a huge role in minimizing the amount of e-waste associated with consumer electronics. Not to mention, they add the ability to carry an extra battery, so you don't run out of juice.

    • We doubt we'll hear of many G5's getting tossed out due to a dead battery.

    Not only does the battery come out, but the charge port does too. If that ever breaks it will be quick to fix too.

    Gigabit87898 - Reply

  4. LG G5 Teardown: step 4, image 1 of 3 LG G5 Teardown: step 4, image 2 of 3 LG G5 Teardown: step 4, image 3 of 3
    • We're ready to start pulling things apart, but we'll restrain ourselves just long enough for an X-ray scan. Our ingenious pals at Creative Electron show us what we're up against this round.

    • Do our X-ray eyes deceive us, or does this look a lot like an iPhone? Well, except for that snappy removable battery, of course.

    • Small metal backing in the center of the phone, logicmotherboard stage right, battery at center left—could it be phone Feng Shui?

    • An X-ray lineup confirms the G5 almost perfectly splits the difference between the iPhone 6 (left) and 6 Plus (right).

    • Looks like that end-cap module is more than just a battery holder and USB. Time to pop that sucker open.

  5. LG G5 Teardown: step 5, image 1 of 2 LG G5 Teardown: step 5, image 2 of 2
    • It takes a pretty serious tug to decouple the G5's battery from its module—probably not something you'll do by accident.

    • The 3.85 V, 10.8 Wh, Li-Ion battery in the G5 weighs in at 2800 mAh—just edging out the 2750 mAh cell in the iPhone 6s Plus...

    • But, it's a slight capacity decrease from the 3000 mAh whoppers we found in the G5's predecessor and Samsung's recent Galaxy S7.

    • Our guess? LG is banking on their customers taking advantage of that replaceable battery to swap on the go if needed, negating the need for a super-huge capacity.

  6. LG G5 Teardown: step 6, image 1 of 3 LG G5 Teardown: step 6, image 2 of 3 LG G5 Teardown: step 6, image 3 of 3
    • Okay, but what's in the module itself?

    • Probably magic.

    • And glue. The front and back module covers are very well glued in place.

    • Plasticgate 2016 update: That small front cover is plastic, but the rear one is certainly fancy aluminum.

    • Picking apart the module reveals a few screws, some glue, and a surprising amount of goodies awaiting perusal.

    • In addition to making USB port replacements easier than ever, the tiny battery module also contains a speaker, some antennas, and a lot of spring contacts.

  7. LG G5 Teardown: step 7, image 1 of 2 LG G5 Teardown: step 7, image 2 of 2
    • As it sinks in that we've removed the battery without opening the phone, we turn our attention to the SIM card.

    • A single tray houses both the SIM card and microSD card.

    • Though the G5 doesn't support Android's adoptable storage, LG holds to their tradition of including external storage in their flagship phones—another win for longevity and, in all likelihood, a net reduction in e-waste.

    • Yes, the day will probably come when 2 TB of storage in your smartphone just isn't nearly enough. But right now, that day looks comfortably far off.

    If someone wanted adoptable storage on the LG G5, it isn’t too hard to run adb commands:

    labwolley - Reply

  8. LG G5 Teardown: step 8, image 1 of 3 LG G5 Teardown: step 8, image 2 of 3 LG G5 Teardown: step 8, image 3 of 3
    • After just two screws and some pry-able clips, we pop open the display with ease. No fuss, no adhesive.

    • It's a decidedly iPhone-esque display opening, in the best possible way—or at least, it's much like how iPhone display removal used to go, before all that adhesive crashed the party.

    • Really though, regardless of the insides, LG has finally figured out the modular unibody. The display is seamlessly mounted in the rear case, making for a luxury feel—while still maintaining battery access. We hope this trend catches on.

    • What's better than a user-removable battery? Why, a user-removable battery with a mechanical shock absorber.

    • This springy mechanical doodad helps the G5's battery slide perfectly into its parking space, and gives a satisfying tactile snick as you click it into place.

    My g5 battery wont fully go in. The chin wont fully click into place. Is this thing broken?

    Zhe Ghost D1 - Reply

  9. LG G5 Teardown: step 10, image 1 of 3 LG G5 Teardown: step 10, image 2 of 3 LG G5 Teardown: step 10, image 3 of 3
    • With the display out and the battery removed right from the get, the chassis has little to hide: vibrator motor, headphone jack, and buttons are all that remain. Time to drain the tub.

    • A hefty and very well-adhered metal plate keeps the back button pressed to the case, and probably adds ingress proofing. (It also reminds us a bit of the bi-metal Apple logo.)

    • The G5's fingerprint sensor is a little different than the one we found in the LG-made Nexus 5X, but it houses a familiar set of spring contacts.

    What kind of adhesive should I use for the power button metal plate?

    Ethan Keltner - Reply

  10. LG G5 Teardown: step 11, image 1 of 2 LG G5 Teardown: step 11, image 2 of 2
    • Out comes one front-facing camera and one (of two) rear-facing cameras—hooray modularity!

    • That big shiny one is the primary 16 MP rear camera, with extra girth to accommodate the optical image stabilization mechanism.

    • The third and final camera—the auxiliary 8-MP rear shooter with the trick wide-angle lens—is trapped helplessly under the motherboard, so we'll come back to these guys in just a moment.

  11. LG G5 Teardown: step 12, image 1 of 3 LG G5 Teardown: step 12, image 2 of 3 LG G5 Teardown: step 12, image 3 of 3
    • Let's pop that motherboard off and snag the final camera for a family photo! From left to right:

    • Like the G of yesteryear, the G5 sports a 16 MP, ƒ/1.8 camera with a 1/2.6" image sensor.

    • LG also packed in a 135-degree, wide-angle camera with an ƒ/2.4 aperture and 8 MP image sensor—perfect for your tiger jumping photo shoots.

    • Matching last year's selfie shooter, a wee 8 MP front-facing camera rounds out the trio.

    • IC Identification:

    • Invensense ICG-1020S 2-Axis MEMS OIS Gyroscope

    • Rohm BU24234 OIS Driver

    our tiger jumping. hahahaha

    Han Han - Reply

  12. LG G5 Teardown: step 13, image 1 of 1
    • There’s been a lot of talk about the G5’s new aluminum alloy, but let’s take a look at its silicon:

    • Samsung K3RG2G20BM-MGCJ 4 GB LPDDR4 RAM with quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SOC layered beneath

    • Samsung KLUBG4G1CE-B0B1 32 GB MLC Universal Flash Storage 2.0

    • NXP Semiconductor 54802 (PN548) NFC Controller

    • Qualcomm SMB1350 Quick Charge 3.0 IC

    • Analogix SlimPort ANX7816 Ultra-HD Transmitter

    • Analogix SlimPort ANX7418 USB-C Switch/Controller

    • Qualcomm WSA8815 4 W Class-D Audio Amplifier

    There is WCD9335 audio codec in near of NXP 54802 NFC Controller

    Han Han - Reply

  13. LG G5 Teardown: step 14, image 1 of 1
    • More chip goodness on the rear of the motherboard:

    • Broadcom BCM43455 5G Wi-Fi Combo Chip

    • Qualcomm WTR3925 LTE Transceiver

    • Avago ACPM-7788 Multiband Multimode Power Amplifier

    • Skyworks SKY77814-11 LTE Power Amplifier Module

    • Skyworks SKY13560 RF Switch

    • Qualcomm PM8996 Power Management IC

    • Qualcomm PMI8996 Power Management IC

    Concernant le dual sim version H860 est ce que c'est même carte mère . car j'ai un probleme de réseau.avec d'aure mobile je capte bien le signal contrairement a mon G5 où il affiche appel d'urgence ou pa de service surtou a l'intérieur de la maison

    Tou ghanou - Reply

    How I can replace the SIM+microsd socket? Do I need a welder or is a clip "plug & play"?

    Vicent Aleixandre - Reply

    Hello sir lg g5 H860 power ic problem . How to fix it.plz help.

    Suman biswas - Reply

    Nice blog post.

    Usman IT - Reply

  14. LG G5 Teardown: step 15, image 1 of 2 LG G5 Teardown: step 15, image 2 of 2
    • IC Identification, pt. 2:

    • Bosch Sensortec BMI120 3-axis accelerometer/gyroscope

    • Rohm hall sensor

    • ON Semiconductor FSUSB104UMX 2-Port, 480 Mbps USB 2.0 switch

    • Knowles MEMS microphone

    • Skyworks SKY13351-378LF GaAs SPDT switch

    • Qualcomm QFE2101 antenna tuner (likely)

  15. LG G5 Teardown: step 16, image 1 of 1
    • As a final treat, we take a closer look at the (unsurprisingly LG-manufactured) display. Its cable has some chips and markings (like a Macronix MX25V1006E 1 Mb serial flash memory)—and we've got a speaker, and a smattering of contacts.

    • A closer look at the display cable reveals that this G5 apparently has a name: Alice.

    • We're not going any further down this rabbit hole; we have a score to assign!

    What are the contacts on each side of the ear speaker? I ordered a replacement screen and they are not included. They go below the plastic frame.

    Charles Holder - Reply

    I also need this information!

    Daniel Berthelsen Wohlfart -

    I am missing the two that are on the right of the speaker, I can not tell if they are specific to network? Help please.

    steve -

    Same thing here. I am missing a contact in the replacement display, which is the terminal to a flatband cable buried in the displays plastic frame in the original. (Antenna ?) This contact connects to a pad on the back cover. But everything on my phone seems to be working fine, bluetooth, nfc, gps,wifi,cell. Any idea ? In the picture the contact is top/right close to the rim.

    dl7utx - Reply

  16. LG G5 Teardown: step 17, image 1 of 2 LG G5 Teardown: step 17, image 2 of 2
    • LG G5 Repairability Score: 8 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair)

    • The user-removable, slide-out battery is a huge boon to phone lifespan.

    • No glue and few screws make for a relatively simple opening procedure.

    • Standard Phillips #00 screws means the right tool is probably already in your toolbox.

    • Many components are modular, making for easier, cheaper part replacement.

    • Module covers are glued on, making repairs a bit sticky—but the module itself greatly simplifies the process of replacing a faulty USB port.

    • The fused display assembly will need to be replaced if the LCD or glass breaks, increasing costs.

    i want to ask a question is panel of any lg g5 like h830,h850 or any lg g5 is compatible with lg g5 h860…plz help me out

    sony - Reply

    please help me . can panel of any lg g5 model is compatible to lg g5 h860.

    sony - Reply


very good teardown! it's nice to see a flagship-phone with this score. much better than Samsung S7/S7edge. Kudos LG

Peter Lang - Reply

One thing I have done on my previous LG's is to replace the camera lense (or rather, glass facing outwards). They usually become more and more scratched, leading to lower quality photos with time. This wasn't mentioned, is it possible? I assume both lift right out with the black rectangle thingy in the back shell?

erik - Reply

I solved this problem using a plastic watch polish paste.

It's not actually the glass that scratches. As far as I know the glass used is sapphire glass that is extremely scratch resistant. It's the oleophobic coating which can be polished away.

This worked with my lg g2 anyways..

Used "polywatch" bought on German amazon. Not sure if sold worldwide.

Malo M -

I need to figure out how to replace that outward facing glass over the camera myself. Shattered inside the case...if anyone can lead me to the right piece, and process?

Chris Klopfenstein -

Yes, I ordered a replacement on Amazon for like $15, cracked open my phone, carefully peeled out the glass, and popped in the new one. Little muss or fuss, and my picture quality is as good as new!

J. Jones -

Step #9, when devices have that *click*, it always sends tingles throughout my body ;D

jvelez - Reply

same. XD

i have to buy this flagship. :P

Miguel Vogt -

I realize that the motherboard is on the back of the LCD assembly, I'm foreseeing heavy blows to the LCD assembly may have a potential to reach the motherboard right behind it, but I could be exaggerating.

jvelez - Reply

Heavy blows? Jesus!! What are you doing to your phone. Take care of it just like you would take care of other belongings.

Mohsin Khan -

You know that there is a metal plate between the display and the MB, right?

The force required to go through that is so big that you need to either drop it into some press accidentally or hit it with a hammer purposefully.

Leon bed -

Where exactly is the NFC antenna? Embedded in the frame?

whosdadog - Reply

Looks like it's probably the rectangular coil to the left of the IMEI sticker on the metal portion of the body.

Edit: I don't see any way it connects and looking again those may just be cnc mill marks, so maybe it's a part of the plastic camera surround that has multiple spring contact points.

abqnm -

Nfc on the G5 is up by the camera so probably the black loop around where the cameras go.

Nick Horvath -

Nice teardown! Kudos to LG for innovating some killer features. Trend setting technology on display.

nsancc - Reply

EXCELLENT tear down.Our korean neighbour has done a good job.Comments from a loyal fan from china of ifixit.

aj86 - Reply

What SD card reader, controller, does it have. Will it read UHS-II cards?

Jay Rieken - Reply

Are there contacts there for dual sim? Is it possible to just change the tray that holds a micro SD card and sim with one that has 2 sims? Are the dual sim phones different other then the carrier?

repatch42 - Reply

I think that dual sim phones need specialized network chips and also software modifications over the single-SIM version

niccotaglia -

The glass that covers my rear camera lens shattered when I touched it with my finger.. but I can't find the replacement glass for that anywhere.. seems like the quality of that rear glass is weak...

ntmock - Reply

I found it on ebay. Has anyone found instructions on how to replace it?


so many dead phones would simply need an electronical access to internal memory to rewrite the basic data [gpt, secondary bootloader..].

would be nice to have included manufacturer's (lack of) support for these things into the "ifixit" report.

julieaurdani - Reply

have you found a way to access the internal storage with a dead device?

Cory Darland -

Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement battery module? I'd like to try and modify it for wireless charging but don't want to mess up the one that came with the phone.

Aaron Taulbee - Reply

Great as usual, thanks guys. This guide gets me kind of inlove with the new G5. Do you think I can find it below $ 100, XD XD, otherwise my wife won't let me buy it. Thanks again, and blessings!!

Juan Javier Triff Cabanas - Reply

Nice job LG. I was interested in the repair-ability of G4. Glad to see such a great tradition carried on. I am seriously considering buying a G5.

heroxbd - Reply

How to fix the button to take the battery my button stop working now i catn the the battery out.

Andy Hernandez - Reply

Can you do a button repair to take the battery out my button to take the battery out doesnt work !&&* me out.

Andy Hernandez - Reply

LG are currently being unreasonable and not willing to help me with the issue of my phone. Even though under warranty they are not happy to fix the problem I am having with my phone which is that my sim card is no reading. They say that the phone was damaged by myself although i put a nano sim in the phone and it worked for an hour before it stopped reading my sim. Please note that I have the phone for a total of 2 hours before I had this issue... So its brand new.

I need to replace the sim compotent of the phone, but where would I be able to get this from?

Jay Panesar - Reply

I replaced my usb ribbon , I have a LG G5 from verizon, however after I replaced the ribbon and tried to boot, it says the module is not compatible, however when I put the original one back in, it works fine. So I think I have the process down well, but for some reason it is saying not compatible and not sure why. I tried 2 different usb ribbons from ebay, both of which say they support the verizon module, so not sure what to do.


Terry Horgan - Reply

This made me prefer the G5 over the Galaxy S7. I'd be much more at ease knowing that my phone is this simple to disassemble with the LG in my pocket. Even though its screen and buildquality are inferior, I'd pick the G5.

kepeter97 - Reply

I bought it and it is really awesome but after overheat while charging now It doesn't recognize any sim card at all and also GPS is not working correctly. So, watch out when you are charging yours

davisgarces - Reply

is there a replacement for Broadcom BCM43455 5G Wi-Fi Combo Chip?? my bluetooth and wifi are not turning on on my device

Tomas del azar - Reply

I have the same problem, have you tried the replacement?

Guizmoww -

Replaced badly broken front assembly easily. But no service error now. Checking network connectors, etc does not solve the issue. Anybody have any ideas?

RepairTechGirl - Reply


where is WCD9335 dac? Is it possible that g5 does not have one?

Neb Sli - Reply

buenas alguien que me ayude porfavor, tengo un equipo lg g5 modelo Rs988, la Wi-Fi no se enciende tampoco el bluetooth, en la dirección MAC de la Wi-Fi aquí aparece 02:00:00:00:00 y la del bluetooth aparecen solo ceros 00:00:00:00:00, la batería se descarga en menos de 4 horas, la versión del sistema actual es la 6.0.1 actualizado asta septiembre.. ya e probado todas las posibles soluciones a los problemas pero ninguna soluciona creen que serán a causa de hardware o software??????? gracias

basic - Reply

Hi did you find solution to that problem? The same thing happens to me exactly

Jose David Correa Duque -

Got my g5 September 25th and yesterday it shut off suddenly,wont turn on at all,cant take it back for exchange bc Verizon has 14day policy which I've passed,so im trying to fix it myself without totally ruining it for good (if not already), anyone have any suggestions?

syn - Reply

Can you offer me some advice or help. The GPS on my G5 doesn't pick up location and when it does pick up location it'll be off by about a block.

Geo - Reply

It might be an issue with contacts, I had the same problem and fixed it by following the instructions published on youtube at this link: actually experts say that the contacts involved do not concern the GPS antenna but the volume rocker, anyway that fix worked for me, perhaps because by disassembling and reassembling some contacts got realigned.

Andrea Viceré -

Where could I buy a LG G5 H860 replacement motherboard?

Dillon - Reply

I loved my G5 for about 4 weeks i then moved to Australia and fitted a new sim this was the last time my phone worked. There is an obvious weak point with the sim card reader pins and it cannot be repaired as the reader is part of the mother board. So in my opinion you are better off with the Samsung. I am one very unhappy LG G5 owner.

David - Reply

Some G5 was released with defective mobo (wifi and bluetooth and gps start to fail). The one who bought it overseas will not have any assistance in local LG shop. So be careful and think twice before loosing money.

opapamail - Reply

I have H850 from Polish T-Mobile...One day WiFi stopped working...MAC 02:00:00:00 ..LG repair service rejected due to bending the phone .... it does not bend and they wrote that because my LCD bottom right corner are bended from the begining and tampered glass reveals that.....Never ever LG

suchypl1985 -

Hi did you find solution to that problem? The same thing happens to me exactly.

Jose David Correa Duque -

my RF antena connector is broken, how do i fix that? anyone please?

aag1388 - Reply

I ran my g5 over with a forklift at work. Inside an otterbox it only broke the glass and lcd. No damage to the motherboard. Phone is repaired other then needing the flue for the frame that goes around the LCD assembly. A+ in my book!

Amanda Bennett - Reply

I've got a G5 that was supposed to be unlocked, but actually wasn't because the Orange shop had an clueless clerk.

I put in a new nanoSIM an it asked for a code. I input the PIN of the SIM and it wasn't right. After about 6 retries I called my carrier Vodafone, hey what's going on? They said it's all right if I block the SIM, they'll unblock it, go on.

Except that the phone wasn't asking for the SIM PIN, but for the network unlock code.

I didn't understand that, because I wasn't expecting anything of the sort. I just thought that newer phones have a different word for PIN, whatever. I had a coworker with me when doing this, we both had a brain malfunction and used up all the 10 retries.

Orange Service told me that the baseboard is permanently locked and cannot be reflashed, but must be replaced for $200.

Is that true? Perfectly working hardware has to be replaced because of wrong data input? What kind of colossal paranoid made this design decision? Is it because of the carrier (Orange) or because of LG?

Silviu - Reply

So I did the full screen assembly with housing replacement and now my flash for my camera doesn't work. Any ideas? I can't find any advice else where

Tyler Carlisle - Reply

Does anyone know the specs for the accelerometer/what model the accelerometer is?

Liz - Reply

Hi, can you tell me, LG G5 H860 and H850 is same or not?

sh.buishvili - Reply

Does anyone have the service manual for this appliance?

Juscelino Junior - Reply

My barometer sensor didn't work correctly, it said -100m while i am standing on 2nd floor

minh hieu le - Reply

You can’t calculate altitude knowing only barometric pressure.

The altitutide is relative to barometric pressure and the barometric pressure changes with temperature and humidity, so at the same floor also altitude change.

Giovanni -

Where are the cellular antennas located?


alkesh mehta - Reply

I have an issue with the fingerprint sensor waking up the screen. It seems that the sensor recognizes the fingerprints but doesn't wake up the screen.

The screen wakes up either after double tapping on it or after some time (1 or 2 minutes).

Recently, I removed the micro sd card (64GB Sandisk ultra) and the fingerprint scanner started working fine, without any delays for waking up the screen. I have also tried other different micro sd cards but the result is the same, screen does not wake up. It seems some sort of software issue, because the sd card just works fine for storing images and etc.

Have anyone experienced the same issues? Is there any solution to this problem?

Hayk - Reply

Do the G5 and G5se share the same body? Can it both replaced by each other?

Boontarin Charoenthitiwong - Reply

Man, what does a company have to do to get a 9? Make the phone out of Lego? I'm hoping that there was some internal debate about whether the phone merited a higher score. I don't honestly see the fused display as a problem any more than I see the fact that components are soldered onto the mainboard rather than pressed; those two pieces need each other for strength.

jrhooker - Reply

I replaced the screen assembly on my Verizon LGG5 with a digitizer & frame assembly & now the Cellular signal has dropped dramatically, any idea's what I might have done? I'm not seeing anything jump out at me. Thanks for your input in advance.

Tim - Reply

I have the same problem jave you fixed?

Riccardo Valletti -

Did you ever get this sorted!? I have exactly the same problem!!!

Steve Baker -

I broke off the tiny tab from the logic board to the battery holder on the bottom and lost signal to the point where my phone is receiving only very close tower signals but works fine over wifi. I was told motherboard needs to be replaced to fix

Ed Hettman -

Any clue if the CPU is actually soldered correctly, it seems that the G5s are suffering from the same boot loop trend we are seeing from LGs, any idea if it is from the same cause.

Owen M - Reply

Where are the pryable clips? I only found one that came loose basically on it's own when I took the right screw out. If there's one on the left I haven't found it other than some little black piece next to the battery removal button but I can't tell what it is and don't want to go around breaking anything.

Matt Prince - Reply

So I replaced my main camera on my lg g5 and I ended up dropping a piece that I could not figure out how to fit back into its place. It was small, rectangular shaped and black. It keeps the right side of the battery locked into the phone and I am having NO luck finding that piece to replace this one with. Any one have any idea on what this piece may be called or how to get your hands on a replacement one with out having to buy some ones dead phone to do so?? Thanks!

Kayce - Reply

Congrats for the excelent work on yours "diy" guides!

I've a h850 wich got some water and the touch doesn't work. The problem is on the mainboard (maybe nearby the lcd/digitizer connector). I've carefully cleanned it with contacts cleanner, heatead up with an air solder station and still no results. Shall I reflow part of the connector (very hard work because the size of it)? Is there some component that usually stops working permantly? The option for a new board will be, of course, the last one.


Filipe - Reply

Excellent breakdown! Easy for a non-tech person to understand, and helpful to a semi-tech like me.

I have a G5, and I discovered a downside: the USB-C cable makes contact with the charging port before it is properly aligned. The port is perhaps too close to the opening; I never had the problem with my S4 in the four years I've owned it.

So, in trying to find a replacement (I don't have the right tools to do the port), I can't find any parts that exactly match my markings. So, I guess it's off to iDropped, or ship to LG.

Any recommendations?

Mike - Reply

Fast charging..issue..phome disconnects and reconeects in fast charging 2.0

..what item shhould be replaced

usama tariq - Reply

hello i have a question, if the metal plate that keeps the back button pressed to the case in step 10 just suddenly fall off when i removed the battery, will it cause my LG G5 any problem? nothing happened until now, (it just happened this morning)

rissapristina - Reply

How about the GPS contact problems I have been reading about?

Jeff O'brien - Reply

I have this problem just now. Age of the LG G5: approx. 1 year. Before everything with the GPS was fine. 1-2 Months ago I got step by step more an more proplems with GPS-Fixe. Today no fix at all was possiblibe. Pls. excuse my poor English

Regards from Berlin/Germany

Maerker2009 -

How would i go about replacing the LG G5 SIM card reader?

Shawn - Reply

I've just replaced a smashed screen on my lg g5. I thought I'd made a pretty good job of it but since doing so ive had some troubles making and receiving calls! Anyone got any ideas what I may have done or any fixes!? Cheers.

Steve Baker - Reply

Anyone knows what antenna are located in the lower bumper? Coz one metal contact, which sits right beside the earphone port, has accidentally come off the mainboard. And this contact should connect with another metal clip inside the lower bumper. It must function as some kind of antenna. But what exactly? So far I haven’t noticed anything obviously wrong with the reception after the damage, but still upset about this.

Ethan Z - Reply

Me too. Broke off during screen repair. Bad design to have fragile silicone tab like that. Hope its fixed on future versions. Anyhow, was told the entire logic board needs to be replaced. My reception was severely affected. Works only over WiFi or when I’m very close to a tower and then only infrequently. Really, its now become a wifi phone. Very sad.

Ed Hettman -

Great teardown! IR Blaster is it only emitter or also receiver as LG G4?

Is there a color spectrum sensor as in LG G4? Some specs online report it, but not here.

Giovanni - Reply

My lgg5 phone won't turn on or power up I've had to replace the fingerprint reconstruction button still no luck is there anyway of getting the data (photos video ect) from a dead phone???

Joker Dark Lord - Reply

My lg g5 volume button always running automaticly even I already replace the flexible volume, what should I do now?

Aroz - Reply

i have broken figure sensor point on board how to fix if

Sheraz - Reply

E’ possibile sostituire i 32gb di Lg g5 con 128gb?

artyss - Reply


On the motherboard there are 3 connectors that connect to the volume buttons flex, 2 of them broke and they are not working, I assume I can replace them with soldering paste, but I cannot find the connectors. Do you know what is the name of the connector? (BTW, they broke in the process of replacing my screen)

Luis Genaro Arteaga Salinas - Reply

Hi. This is a great page!! I’m sure this is a lame question but what type/size screwdriver is used to open up the phone> Something has happened that the phone starts to boot up then stays on the startup “LG Life’s Good…. Powered by Android” screen which constantly flashes on/off. It never gets to the OS stage and I can’t use the power button to power it off but I can power it on. Also the recovery mode/hard reset doesn’t work however things like booting into the IMEI screen (hold power plus volume up/down at the same time) works plus I get the battery symbol on screen if the battery is low. I’m assuming this is coming from the ROM? The phone has been dropped a few times so I want to open it up to see if anything has come loose however I need the screwdriver to do it.

Karen - Reply

I missed the top of this page where it mentions the tools. Duh!!! #00. Thanks again. This is a great page!

Karen - Reply

When I open to Kimra Dahr her message

I have Kimra for unfortunately

فَايَزُ الُصّبّرَيَ - Reply

Hi IFIXIT Team, I am not quite sure but it seems like the LG G5 has a top and bottom microphone. I assume that in my case the top microphone broke as every time when I switch to face-calls the other side can’t hear me. The moment I go back to normal call everything is fine. While the web is flooded with examples how to replace the bottom microphone I couldn’t find a single example on how to fix / replace the top microphone. Do you have any advise where to look at or how this can be done?

Daten Fritz - Reply

Hi Daten Fritz,

it seems as if the top microphone is soldered onto the motherboard. See here (red arrow):

So replacing the top mic means replacing the motherboard.

Tobias Isakeit -

I also had the traditional problem with this phone: swelling battery. The first time, I took it in and had the battery replaced by a repairman. This time, it was stuck so bad that the little aluminum pad over the push button switch fell off. I managed to take the screws out, but I didn’t see the “pry points” that the disassembly did with the guitar picks. Where is it, so I can replace the stupid metal shield? (It does seem to work without it…BUT it must have had a reason for being there.) By the way, if the phone fails again I will replace it with a Samsung model. Primary reason is, I have to hold the %#*@ thing to my car’s air conditioning duct so the GPS will “occasionally” start working. I need a more reliable GPS, and I can’t use my tablet on the road because it doesn’t have cellular data, and a wifi hot spot costs too much just for using the tablet for GPS. (And no, the phone’s wifi hotspot won’t work because that would require Verizon service (I use Tracfone).

tomreedtoon - Reply

Hoping for some advice... My G5 died out of nowhere (taking a picture). No battery charging light, no indication of charge level, can't be detected by computer recovery software etc. I had some wave files on there that I'd REALLY like to get off, I was only a day or two out from moving them to to the SD. I'm curious if there is a component that I could look at repairing to get it going again, even just for a day. Or if its possible to swap the flash storage of the dead one to another G5 I have that works aside from a broken camera. I'm really hoping I have some options here. Any help?

Tee - Reply

I have a working LG G3 screen (44 pin connector) that I'm trying to jumper wire to a LG Zone 4/Aristo 2/Phoenix 4 (Same phone 210) with no screen (40 pin connector). I have the connector pin outs for both but I want to know is this possible to do?? Scenario: I'm on a deserted island and can't buy a replacement screen for my Zone 4. I know it's going to be a long and tedious task but are the voltages even compatible enough to attempt this?

Please contact me at or if you know anyone who can help me with this information. Thank you.

Stephanie - Reply

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