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Member-Contributed Guide

Member-Contributed Guide

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Like a lot of LG devices I wasn't able to find a teardown guide for general knowledge and if i needed to replace something. I decided to use my personal LG G2 (D800) and make a quick teardown like the one I made for the LG Nitro (P930) on the XDA forums.

Edit Step 1 LG G2 Teardown  ¶ 

Image #1

Edit Step 1 LG G2 Teardown  ¶ 

  • The G2 seamless design is nice and appealing to the eye but as with all seamless phones there is always the question "where do I start?"

  • Well how about removing the SIM tray...it's the little teardown victories

  • Now peering into the SIM tray slot at an angle you can kinda see the back is separate from the metal bezel

Edit Step 2  ¶ 

Image #1

Edit Step 2  ¶ 

  • First things first I'd like to thank the iFixit team for putting together the Pro Tech Toolkit every tool you need to fix a mobile device or any electronic is right here

  • Starting from the a bottom corner using the thin blunt side of a spudger i separated the back from the metal bezel THIS CAN CAUSE COSMETIC & INTERNAL DAMAGE if you are not careful

  • you could use a thumb nail, plastic spudger, or pry tool to move up one side releasing the plastic clips. Then up the other side and the top should pull off with ease

  • NOTE: during reassembly the back may fight a little to go back on start from the side and go around dont be afraid to pinch it with a little muscle

Edit Step 3  ¶ 

Image #1

Edit Step 3  ¶ 

  • With the back off reveals a familiar design that of the LG Nitro (P930)

  • Using a Phillips #00 screw bit/driver remove all visible screws

  • Dont worry about placement all the screws are the same except the one black screw I have marked with the red "o"

Edit Step 4  ¶ 

Image #1

Edit Step 4  ¶ 

  • A thumb nail or plastic prying tool should make quick work of popping off the black plastic shield on the bottom

  • Do the same thing to remove the white plastic shield around the top of the device (this may take some slight prying)

  • The upper shield (nearest the camera and volume buttons) is required to be firmly in place for sound to work - alcohol cleaning the goldfingers on the motherboard + contact pads on the shield then tightening the screws may fix sound issues.

Edit Step 5  ¶ 

Image #1

Edit Step 5  ¶ 

  • With the logic board exposed using a plastic pry tool or guitar pic unhook the flex cable clips and the 2 antennas

    • Start with the battery connector.

    • Camera & Volume keys

    • Front camera & Prox. Sensor/LED

    • Digitizer

    • 2 antenna wires (NOTE: these antenna and flex connectors are heavy duty compared to other phones I've worked on)

    • 2 flex cables joining the bottom board to the logic board

Edit Step 6  ¶ 

Image #1

Edit Step 6  ¶ 

  • With all the clips undone the logic board is free from the screen assembly, but before removing it lets break it down some more.

  • The flex cable running up the right side of the battery is connected to a smaller board which is held to an EMI shield on the logic board with a small amount of adhesive it can be carefully pried up

  • The same thing can be done to the other side. Peel up the tape holding the flex cables down remembering where they went

  • PAY ATTENTION to the side tab on the left flex cable this piece can be peeled up the same way dont be afraid to bend it a little (BEND NOT BREAK)

Edit Step 7  ¶ 

Image #1

Edit Step 7  ¶ 

  • At the other end of those 2 big flex cables they are brought together by a small control board. Disconnect the 2 clips (Green - LCD Orange - Digitizer) and the other ends of the antennas and remove the antenna wires completely

  • This small control board is also held down by a little adhesive but can be carefully pried up

  • In the third picture marked in the Green square is a piece of plastic that is some what attached to the board it is better to just pry it up with the board than disconnect it

Edit Step 8  ¶ 

Image #1

Edit Step 8  ¶ 

  • We should now have removed the 2 big flex cables attached to their respective and mutual boads. The 2 antenna wires and be removing the main logic board.

  • We can now start the process of removing the battery. Of all the things held down by adhesive in this device the battery is the most difficult thing to remove. Using a flat plastic pry tool pry up the edges of the battery and work you way to the middle from all sides

    • CAREFUL not to bend the battery too much i can not stress how well this battery is held in but be patient and just work at it. Another method is using two long thin and flat plastic prytools to "cut" the adhesive and pry between the battery and body of the phone starting at the USB end. Don't risk a lithium fire by poking a hole in the battery!

    • NOTE: when reassembling you could used a counter top and something flat to flatten the battery back out

    • The third pic is what we should have after the battery is removed

Edit Step 9  ¶ 

Image #1

Edit Step 9  ¶ 

  • We can remove the rest of the components: Rear camera, vibration motor, front camera

    • NOTE: Removing the front camera there is some difficulty I used a thin spudger to pry up the top and pull it out. The other parts are easily removed just a little adhesive

Edit Step 10  ¶ 

Image #1

Edit Step 10  ¶ 

  • Components cont'd: prox. sensor/ LED, ear speaker

    • NOTE: The ear speaker may need some pry work its held in with a phone gasket and the +/- flex to the speaker is flimsey but must go back to its precise place when reassembled. If the +/- connectors dont hit right the speaker will not work

Edit Step 11  ¶ 

Image #1

Edit Step 11  ¶ 

  • Back to the bottom of the phone is another very small board almost like a piece of metal tape. Its held down by a small screw. Remove the screw and peel up the piece im 99% sure its strictly for grounding purposes but none the less is still important

    • TIP: when having to pry up circuit or logic boards or small pieces like this its best to start where a screw was removed often the area is reinforced and protected

  • You should now have just the screen assembly. I didnt remove the LCD or digitzer because it dosnt seem like they are meant to be taken out and the same parts be put back in. I've found separate and full screen assemblies on the web but Ive also read LG is making it quite affordable to repair the screen by sending it to them

  • As always heres a look at it all

  • For reassembly start from the very last step and go back in order. REMEMBER fellow fixiteers either repair or recycle

  • Removing the screen requires a heat gun and a spudger. Follow the glass to where it meets the bezel and pry gently (start where the glass broke or along a long edge where there's <2mm adhesive strips); relative to other phones the G2 screen comes out relatively easily, but glued screen removal is potentially phone-destroying - be careful!

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Very bad quality photo and insufficient description.

n81je22y, · Reply

Which part controls the speaker? Mine has stopped working

Yvette LaMar, · Reply

Speaker's on the mobo and fairly exposed to water damage if it so occurs - other than cleaning the goldfingers/contact pads and tightening the ~6 screws on the upper plastic shield (the plastic shield is required to be in-place for sound to work), you might be out of luck.


Hi there.

I´m, having also Problems with Speaker. After Replace the Screen Speaker doesn´t work. I had changed the Flex Cable and Speaker (lower Plastic Part). But it doesn´t work :(

Why must be the upper Plastic Part installed to work speaker?

Mike Miller,

Hi Yvette,

I had the same problem you have. It turns out that the speaker is in the lower cover. Not the upper cover mentioned elsewhere. Here's a picture to help me explain: http://imgur.com/akIB9Cy The upper piece in the photo contains the speaker. You'll notice the contacts on the thin portion. The lower piece is the ribbon cable that goes up the left side of the battery. Notice the contacts on the piece that hangs off of the cable. Apparently a lot of us end up compressing those contacts in the process of removing the cover that contains the speaker. What you need to do is use some tool to carefully uncompress the contacts on the ribbon cable. That should let them make contact with the speaker contacts and fix your sound problem.


thanks for the walk through man. helped me out

jeff, · Reply

Just to note for those with D802, they will have a smaller flex cable connector for digitizer

Neo Wei Jian, · Reply

I wish I had read this before doing the teardown myself and finding the digitizer connector was too long for the D802...does anyone know where I can buy a replacement flex board (circuit board with digitizer socket on) for this model - D800 - and does anyone know if it would be compatible with the D802 model?


Would buying a flex cable for ls980 allow me to install an ls980 logic board to my d802??


I apologize about the bad pics and vague decriptions i should have labeled it a disassembly ,but it was tue middle of the night i wad bored and ifixit didnt have a guide at all but questions about a few things so i used my personal phone to make this . If anyone wants to make a better one feel free and ill tell the ifixit team to take this one down to anyone this guide has helped glad it did your welcome

slimchance2001, · Reply

Hi please tell me how to change antenna of that phone because my phone signals are off now


Any idea what size the screws are? My screw cup hit the floor and now i am missing a few. Thanks.

chris, · Reply

Thanks walter i know the pics are bad i didnt really look at them until after i had my g2 back together and like i said i used my sisters S3 camera not a high powered nikon or anything like the ifixit techs use.

@chris i didnt have my micrometer handy to gwt a good measurmwnt of te screws but all of them are the same size except that black one i mentioned in the guide hope that helps

slimchance2001, · Reply

Do you know if the sim reader is soldered on to the main board or something? Or is it easily replaceable? Sorry I don't know much about phone repairs, but my sim reader is completely screwed and it looks like the phone is effectively bricked unless I can replace it somehow..


I heard from the service center (where I left my phone) that they have to reset my phone in order to install the display software again, is that really necessary?

Anneli, · Reply

Reinstall the display software? What service center the carrier or manufacture ? Did you need a new screen or was there another problem or reason for leaving your phone with whoever?

slimchance2001, · Reply

How small does the screw drivers have to be? I live with a friend, and he has really small precision screw drivers for his Rolex. Will those work? Or will I need something a little bigger/smaller?

Howard Lin, · Reply

Guide worked well for me. If you need an absolute step by step then maybe you shouldn't be fixing phones. With this I was able to successfully replace the display assembly on the phone. Thanks for putting this guide together!

Kyle Shaw, · Reply

@Howard Lin I used a #00 screw driver it's pretty small but there are smaller size

@Kyle Shaw your welcome man glad to help

slimchance2001, · Reply

Slim, thank you for this guide. I "threw" my phone in the toilet when I tripped on the rug leading into the bathroom and thought my G2 was done for.

But this guide gave me a quick and simple breakdown to get to the guts so I could air dry the beast out. Everything seems to be working great on it, and this was after it was going haywire before I could unhook the battery.

I should note, I have a VS980 (Verizon LG G2), but once I got past the back shell, the innards were exactly the same. Again, thank you so much for this, you saved me a lot of money, stress, and time.

Blackstar, · Reply

I'm really not sure if you say the flex was tested and working on another phone then it can't be the part and you say the connection isn't loose when reinstalling it the only thing I can think of is one of the pins in the connecter on the logic board and/or on the flex was broken I doubt you could find the replacement for the logic board but look really close maybe take some pics with a really camera and make sure none of those pins are bent or broken.

@blackstar & WellTrainedVC no problem guys glad to help

slimchance2001, · Reply

I'd just let it charge for a solid 8 hours if it's a new battery it most likely didn't have much of a charge when it left the factory if any so give it a good charge and post back if nothing changes worst case scenario it's a short on the main board

slimchance2001, · Reply

ZEOSAGECARNEY read my last post for some reason it posted it above yours about giving it a charge

slimchance2001, · Reply

Anyone which part(s) would be responsible for a dim screen after water seeped into the phone? Phone works just fine, screen is just very dim

Dawg Fan, · Reply

I would try cleaning any corrosion from the connectors and any where else it's evident on the hardware especially metal connections if that doesn't help then look into changing parts

slimchance2001, · Reply

It charges wirelessly right?

I want to know where is the component that is responsible for the wireless induction.

Thank you.

venky Victory, · Reply

Need help! Can you show me how to change the simcard slot? My G2 cant detect my simcard anymore and i've bought a new sim card slot/reader, but i dont know how to change it. I manage to tear down all the parts, but the sim slot seems like it is permanently attached to the board. Help please....

Faiz, · Reply

Is it absolutely necessary to have the grommet for the mic at the bottom. I can't find it anywhere or where to buy it.

Thank you

jtschaeff, · Reply

No looked full repair, or thank,s for some giving me idea

Jaspeet Singh, · Reply

Fantastic! Thank you!

WellTrainedVC, · Reply

I followed the instructions to the letter to disassemble the phone to replace a cracked screen and re-assemble it recursively. But, the light/proximity sensor/LED no longer work. The sensor is checked working with another G2, however.

I double checked and could not find any loosen connection. Is the board damaged? Please help.

Hoa Le, · Reply

Thank you very much. Photos can be better.

Facundo Sago, · Reply

Maybe someone can help me with my issue...

Phone will not turn on, just replaced the battery and now the Red LED light blinks when I plug it in.

Obviously it's not getting a charge, but when I hold down the power button, it will blink for almost exactly 8 seconds and then stop blinking for a moment, and then resume blinking and repeat.

This phone is not rooted, and I just replaced the screen on it before it went to ****.

After that, it turned on once, I rebooted it to put the SIM back in, and it wouldn't turn back on.

I have a new USB Charging Port and Flex Cable assembly coming, and I'm hoping that will fix it, but if it doesn't, the only other part that I can think of is the motherboard, and I don't want to have to pay $100 to replace the mainboard... Maybe a bad antennae cable, or some sort of POST check that doesn't pass before the battery will initialize?

The phone is out of warranty, and I am not above replacing parts.

Any help is appreciated!

zeosagecarney, · Reply

You can try disconnecting and after reconnecting the battery passed 1 or 2 minutes.. In my case, it doesn't fix all the issue but the phone boot again

(Do U have a stock ROM?..)


Tested, is the battery..After I replaced the battery the phone works like a charm


The small circuit board held with the screw, does anyone know what this does? Mine broke when I was taking apart my phone. Thanks!

Jason Baird, · Reply

@slimchance2001 - Well, ya know, bad pics and all, it was a user donated time thing. Sure the fuzzy pics may barely irritate, but I can think of many late nights in the distant past where that wouldn't have mattered because i couldn't have found my nose if you put my hand on it.....and still attempted to do this. Things aren't that way today so I see a lot clearer now. Whatever is fuzzy in your pic....its not fuzzy in this disassembled and being repaired G2 in front of my face. I didn't need a picture book, i needed a guide. Thats what you threw out there. Thanks for it.

David oatley, · Reply

I have repaired an LG G2 D800 by replacing the LCD/Digitizer but it isn't working properly. It's bleached out and has vertical lines. I'm pretty sure the actual screen is good I think it's a grounding issue. What does the grounding? Any ideas?

scottu77, · Reply

I'm not really sure what the grounding would be if anything it's on that smaller board and it's gold strips touching other gold coils to be honest though it sounds more like a bad replacement part was your screen doing that before replacement? If the connections weren't proper I'm not sure the screen would display anything but for good measure clean all metal on metal connections and avoid touching them with your bare hands make sure all connectors are in their place and secure do a power on test before reassembling

slimchance2001, · Reply

My darlin's mic decided to croak. Got the part, followed your guide, had a few drinks with stand up comedy, and now I can whisper in that puppy and sound like a megaphone. Thanks mate. Much obliged you took your personal time to help others.

lccorrell, · Reply

hello from greece,

i have a problem with an lg - g2 phone. i changed the digitizer screen as it has broken, and the screen had two problems. The first was that when i started calling somebody, the screen was off, and i couldn't see what happens. I could only hear if the call is answered and i couldn't stop the calling, unless i spoke with bluetooth.

the second problem was that after some days the screen did not work properly (i can send fotos and videos). Vertical lines appeared. So i opened the phone and trying to find what happened i reallized that the battery connector which is close to the usb charger was not very well fixed. I disconnected and connected while the phone was on and then it has never switched on. What could have happened?

Mike, · Reply

Does anyone know which chip is used in LG G2 for Wifi/BT? I could not find out from the teardown. Thanks.

mjoy, · Reply

Dear, Please advice me if you knew where it is.. thanks

Muhamad Sadik,

My G2 is stuck on "turning on wifi." I have done a factory reset (even though I didn't want to!) and it did not fix the problem. I opened the phone and checked all connections to ensure nothing was loose. Still nothing. In reading on other forums, people have posted the same problem and had the phone repaired. Repairman said it was a "hardware issue." Any clue what hardware? I really need to fix this problem but don't exactly want to buy a bunch of parts I don't need.

mmhb99, · Reply

Boss, same problem here... tried everything such as back to stock, different ROM etc... we are not only the few... Please let me know if you could identify the wifi hardware so that I will try what they tried in case of apple 5s (?).. overheating the phone reportedly said to have fixed wifi issue which is assumed to have joined back any soldering gaps.. thanks

Muhamad Sadik,

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