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This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Keychron V3, use our service manual.

    • If you have a barebones keyboard, skip this step

    • Use the included wire keycap puller to remove the keycaps

    • Get the wire around opposite sides of the keycap, then pull straight up until it comes off

    • For keys larger than the tab key, lift from one side to release, then lift with your fingers from the center.

    • Use the included metal keyswitch puller to remove the keyswitches.

    • Do not attempt to remove the stabilizers (supports)

    • Place the keyboard upside down

    • Use the included hex key to loosen the screws on the bottom.

    • Turn back the right way up, taking care to not lose any screws in the process

    • Lift up frame around the board

    • Use the included screwdriver to remove the black screws on the pcb

    • All these screws use the same bit and same length

    • Flip PCB forward to free from the case

    • Take care of the mode-selection switch near the top of the PCB

    • This switch is fragile and will break if re-inserted incorrectly. For safety, don't toggle this switch while the PCB is removed

    • Unscrew the golden screws that are marked with wide white circles.

    • The screws with smaller/no circles are to hold in the stabilizers/stabs. Don't remove these yet

    • All the screws in this step are the same bit and same length

    • Once unscrewed, lift up the PCB away from the foam and top plate

    • Each stab is secured with a clip and a single screw, and each stab is connected to another stab with a metal rod

    • Unscrew both screws from a pair of stabs, then lift away from the tabs when removing


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