Huawei matebook X teardown new ssd format

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Huawei matebook X, use our service manual.

    • Huawei matebook X teardown new ssd format

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i have a problem whenever i close my matebook x a sound comes from top left any problem plz

alex239312 - Reply

Listen to your hinges and find out if one of them is the culprit, if it is, then open op your laptop and add a small amount of grease yo your hinges (non water based). If not, open it up and check if anything is scraping or hitting your hinges.

Oliver -

Hi, I think my laptop hinges are possibly damaged. The laptop screen opens up all the way (so the laptop opens 180 degrees). Is this a simple fix or require a whole new screen?

jahed_miah_uddin - Reply

Hi, i have an annoying problem where the left hinge makes a (tuk) sound every time I open the laptops screen…every time

Meow Rawr - Reply

Hi I m looking for a guide to open my matebook x pro screen to clean same water, is there anybody can help

wan geng - Reply

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