This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Dreamcast VMU, use our service manual.

  1. Remove the  silver screw and batteries
    • Remove the silver screw and batteries

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  2. Remove the four black screws
    • Remove the four black screws

    • Be careful of the speaker wire

    • Carefully peel the speaker away from the shell with a Spudger

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    • Remove the two battery terminal screws

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    • Lift the main board from the shell

    • Remove the screen from the motherboard

    • Remove the screen stay, D-pad and rubber buttons from the shell

    • And you're done!

    Nice teardown, it really brings me back to 1999. Does the unit still work?

    ...Also, the correct spelling is "you're." Sorry for being that guy.

    benrockhold - Reply

    Thanks for >you're< comment haha!, yes the VMU still works

    Caleb - Reply


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Bravo !!!!!!!!

Papa Robotnik - Reply

Great! Now I can open my VMU without fear.

Wellington - Reply

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