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The DJI Mavic Pro is one of the coolest drones we’ve ever seen. With its foldable arms, 4k stabilized camera, and a ton of other cool features, we just couldn’t wait to break out our Pro Tech Toolkit and take this thing apart.

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your DJI Mavic Pro, use our service manual.


Looking good so far.. will there be a written breakdown?

Also i would love to see more attention on the gimbal.. I have been reading a lot on the forums and reddit, and so far, most accidents result in gimbal damage of some sort.

I'd love to see some repair guides or a more detailed teardown of the gimble, ribbon cables going into it, and video cables going into it.

Jason Elmore - Reply

3rd flight and my gimbal already tore off after bumping into a small bush and falling 4 feet to the ground. The number one repair will most likely be that flimsy gimbal.

John - Reply

Please also show where the two antennas end and how the motors are mount to the arms.

Amadeus - Reply

And explode that camera too, wanna see why they align that sensor wrong

Sumi - Reply

gimbal mount is broken... what do i do??????? ASAP!!!

Jason Baudin - Reply

Most gimbal issues are the gimbal getting knocked loose. Sometimes a wire or ribbon candle might be damaged and sometimes the ribbon cables just becomes unplugged.

Start with the easy fix first and make sure it wasn't just knocked out of the absorption pads from a crash impact.

You can see how to check this and out it back in this DJI Support video.

You can see in the tear down with the mavic flat on its back the two ribbon cables that snap into place. Hopefully the ribbon cable didn't tear and you can just make sure it's plugged back in firmly.

I hope this helps,


ScottJD -

I'm also curious about the antenna location. Are the front legs housing antennas?

phil - Reply

Gimbal mount is broken...what should we do?

Iveta Martin - Reply

My third flight out ended in tragedy. In tripod mode from ten feet up, I tangled with a small limb that didn't register on the sensors. It was moving so slow I really expected it to recover. It tumbled to the ground. The back right arm was completely snapped off breaking two pieces of the main housing and the arm. Additionally the motor snapped off the other end of the arm.

I just stuck it back in the box and didn't look at it for two weeks. Has anyone successfully ordered parts from DJI?

johnjstaples - Reply

DJI isn't selling parts, I hope they will eventuraly. For now some arms have showed up on eBay.

I've even seen a video of someone who ordered an eBay arm and showed how to replace the arm like this one:



ScottJD -

Agree, more details on the gimbal please.

Ben d'Anvers - Reply

I need the gimbal and complete camera, they can help me

luis covarrubia - Reply

Hello I need to know the name of the metal cable of the camera mavic pro not the ribbon flex to the gimbal motors thanks email me please

Alejandro Bravo - Reply

I need the same information too. What the name of the metal cable and where can I found it

Christopher Benoit -

Please I need the same metal cable , help me with the information

Renan - Reply

Dear IFIXIT staff, any chance you'll make more videos or tutorial about parts' replacements, such as arms/legs? Tks

mmancioli - Reply

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