This is a low performance USB 2.0 HUB using 2 4-Port USB 2.0 HUBs chained together.

As Genesys Logic states:

"To fully meet the cost/performance requirement, GL850G is a single TT hub solution for the cost requirement. Genesys Logic also provides GL852 for multiple TT hub solution to target on systems which require higher performance for full/low-speed devices, like docking station, embedded system … etc.. Please refer to GL852 datasheet for more detailed information."


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  • D-Link 7-Port USB 2.0 HUB Model No.: DUB-H7 H/W Ver.: C1 UPC Code: 790069252389 Box

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Image 1/2: Charger Image 2/2: USB cable
  • D-Link 7-Port USB 2.0 HUB Model No.: DUB-H7 H/W Ver.: C1 UPC Code: 790069252389

  • Charger

  • USB cable

  • To open the USB HUB there are only 4 screws below the two pads.

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Anyone can tell what is the output voltage on this ? Mine shows 4.88V and I don't know if I should return it or not. My USB devices seem unstable.

adrianTNT - Reply

I returned this low performance hub. But the USB spec says that voltage should be 5.00±0.25 V. So, voltage may not be the issue. If the device works correctly when directly connected to the computer, then just return the USB HUB, and upload a video (on youtube or somewhere else) so people can see the problem and not buy this low performance USB HUB.

If you need a high performance USB HUB just get this:

Juan -

These hubs have been better than the previous version, but only in that the two right hand ports are capable of fast charging. Almost all devices benefit from 2.1 amp fast charging now. As for reliability, they suck just as much as every other stupid USB sharing device.

Kelly - Reply

Thanks for this! But I'm confused: is this single TT or multi TT?

samulialapuranen - Reply

Can anyone tell me what a good DVD burner I can buy to burn copy write disk

tony brookshire - Reply

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