Overview of how to take apart a Bosch 36618 cordless drill driver. I will be taking apart the drill and cleaning bits and pieces as I go. I am not fixing or repairing any particular part of the drill. I hope you find this guid helpful!

  1. Remove the battery before any disassembly.
    • Remove the battery before any disassembly.

    • Prepare a workspace by having a clean, level surface and any required tools within reach.

  2. Remove the 11 T10 Torx screws from the exterior of the drill driver.
    • Remove the 11 T10 Torx screws from the exterior of the drill driver.

      • The screw circled in orange is recessed quite far and might not be reachable with certain T10 screwdrivers.

    • After the 11 exterior screws are removed, pull the plastic housing pieces apart.

      • There are no tabs or plastic flaps holding the two pieces together. Pull straight up and the two pieces should separate easily.

    • Check out all that dust by the motor, that can't be efficient!

    • The second picture is a closer up shot the side with all the electronic goodies.

    • The motor and chuck assembly can be pulled up and out.

      • Be aware of the speed selector (first picture) which is slotted onto the motor and chuck assembly as you remove it.

    • Remove the electrical connections. The colors are marked on the motor so no need to remember which side is which.

      • The electrical connections are spade terminals with a little locking piece on the front (non flat) side of the spade. Push the lock to the back and pull the connector straight out.

    • What's remaining is the motor and chuck assembly (third picture).

    • The chuck can be removed with a hex key, I didn't go that far in the disassembly.

    • The motor can be removed from the chuck assembly with a clockwise twist.

      • The two red boxes in the first picture depict where the separation will occur.

    • The second picture shows the connection on the chuck assembly side.

    • The third picture shows the connection on the motor side.

    • Remove the black plate on the motor by removing the two T15 Torx screws.

      • When reassembling, slotting the gear pictured to the left back into the chuck assembly can be finicky. Be patient and take your time.

    • Here are some closeups of a few electrical connections.

    • Picture 1: connections to the trigger assembly.

    • Picture 2: connections on the rear of the battery receptacle.

    • Picture 1: closeup of the forward, revers, and lockout assembly.

    • Picture 2: be cautious of this spring behind the battery receptacle, it likes to fall out.

    • Insert wisdom here.

    • Here's the thoroughly cleaned and fully reassembled drill. No extra pieces, yay!

    • Picture 2. I relabeled the torque ring with Sharpie so that the markings were legible again.

    • Look at all that dust and particulates that were gunking up the drill! I'm sure the drill driver will operate more smoother and efficiently now.

    • Thanks for looking at my teardown! Happy fixing!

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In order to replace the gearbox (part 2606200263) for new one, you must remove the chuck. I tried to but was not able. After removing the screw inside the chuck, I tried to unscrew the chuck counter clockwise without result. Do you have the trick?

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