Tools Featured in this Teardown

This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your Asus ZenWatch 3, use our service manual.

Tools needed T5 screwdriver
  • Tools needed T5 screwdriver

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Remove pins securing the band
  • Remove pins securing the band

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  • Remove the four screws

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  • Pry open at the side near the rose gold ring

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  • The battery would be automatically disconnected

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  • Battery

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  • Remove ribbons connected to the board

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  • Complete disassembly

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I'm excited to find out if the middle button is actually a digital crown and whether or not there is NFC. This was built for wear 2.0 after all.

Joseph White - Reply

Is it possible to also see a picture of the chip side of the PCB? Would like to see how the 2100 is designed into the board

Jan Gaudestad - Reply

Does anybody know how the third button can be replaced? I lost it. Thank you in advance for any help.

splatdom - Reply

What should I do if the power button doesn’t work?

MichaelKing10or - Reply

I took mine apart for this very thing. The other buttons clearly click, but the middle button was kind of mushy. I don’t see a way to easily remove the button from the circuit board. However, in looking it over, I found that if the circuit board is pressed firmly while pressing the power button, it does get the thing to click. Upon reassembly, I found this to still be true. When the power button doesn’t work, if I squeeze the watch, face to back, and at the same time press the button, it makes contact.

Brodie Krause -

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