Repair Stories

These are stories, written by people just like yourself, all about repair. Some end well; some end poorly, but all are fascinating tales of repair adventures. Read through some of the stories below, and perhaps you will be inspired to fix some of your own things — even the ones that aren't broken... yet.

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Creatively Inspired Via Display Assembly Repair

bexoro on

After lounging around one day, the incredibly comfortable arm of the chair I was napping in proved not to be a reliable place to rest my open MacBook. There was the initial shock of some jarbled pixel lines on the screen, but it only seemed to go downhill from there as the rest of the screen slowly disintigrated to a pink and then finally a black. School was about to start again in fall and I knew it was time to replace the screen now or have to suffer through a semester without it.

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Piece of cake (until the very last step)

shaneeudy on

Lightning connector developed a short which made charging difficult.

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Yessssss! iPod Touch 5 battery changed

Bart on

The battery was very weak (<1hour autonomy)

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Power Supply Installed, Thks IFIXIT

knoykrmencita on

My computer didn't turn on. I took it to an Apple Store. They told me that this Machine is a Dinosaur. they didn't have the part and didn't gave me warranty if the part is not original.

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I saw the light

stevegittelman on

I cant justify the cost of a new phone when it simply needs a new battery. Take that Apple!

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I fixed it

mizusajt on

battery was swollen

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Dodge RAM 1500 replaces ifixit RAM for Mac Upgrade

wpenntwp on

Stock 4GB RAM in Mac Book Pro 13 mid 2009 too weak in today's pop-up graphic heavy world

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Successfully replaced Hard Drive cable

gdvail on

When I got the dreaded "flashing ?", I thought it was the Hard Drive and replaced the drive. That didn't fix the problem, so I assumed it was most likely the cable and ordered it from iFixit. To make the install a bit easier, I got the cable with the IR sensor/sleep LED bracket already attached. I also added electrical tape over and under the new cable to protect it.

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Left Fan Troubles

mclarn654 on

Left fan would occasionally be noisy (I'm not sure how to describe the noise, grinding sound maybe). I'd put the computer to sleep, wake it up, and it would be fine for a day or so. But eventually this process got annoying.

I tried to fix it myself by taking the fan apart and putting WD40 on the axle but I ended up bending the metal and now the fan wasn't aligned and would always hit the side and make a grinding noise.

So I ordered a left fan from iFixit.

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Macbook Pro Studying Disaster--Resolved!

kcamp295 on

Studying hard. Left macbook pro on arm of couch (knowing I shouldn't, but did it anyway) in order to grab my 50lb textbook which was a few feet out of arms reach. Falling macbook pro (~1 year old). Cracked screen. Rainbow coloured wonders with horizontal lines.

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