Repair Stories

These are stories, written by people just like yourself, all about repair. Some end well; some end poorly, but all are fascinating tales of repair adventures. Read through some of the stories below, and perhaps you will be inspired to fix some of your own things — even the ones that aren't broken... yet.

The problem: I followed the advice of a page published by CNet on the internet on how to replace your for iPhone 4S battery for $8. The suggestion was go on eBay, save money. I then followed the video instructions linked to in that article on how to do the battery swap.

"Brick Cellphone" Possible corrupt firmware, I was unable to upload original firmware from Samsung and Samsung repair center declare my cellphone broken "Beyond Repair" do water damage.... non sense.

My battery was discharging to about 20% before I even went to lunch during the day. It was practically useless without being able to charge it every 4 or 5 hours.

My cat spilled mug of coffee over my computer

My iPhone 5 is one of the early models (Sept 2012) that have a manufacturing defect on both battery & power button. Apple acknowledged the problem and has a free repair program. My phone qualified for both battery & power button repair programs. However, Apple customer service denied "free" service, because my phone has a cosmetic dent in the frame next to the audio jack. Cosmetic = 0.3mm dent !!! See picture. Apple would still do the repairs, only I had to pay $279 + tax. Thank you so much Apple!! I really appreciate your help, but no thanks! So I decided to do the repair myself and involve my 5year old daughter in the project. She was thrilled :)

My Macbook Pro 17" Unibody ground to a halt. This meant my 500GB HD was damaged. The solution, I was told by an Apple Store employee, that I needed to replace it which would hopefully solve this very serious problem. He also advised me that the more space the new drive had would help insure the future speed of my beloved Mac.

Next stop iFixit...After a very short search, I of course found a 1TB hybrid drive and the easy step by step instructions which I followed soon after receiving the upgrade kit in the mail several days later.

iPad 4 fell over a couple of weeks ago and cracked the screen. The crackage wasn't tooooo bad but irritated me every time I looked at it, and I read that these things only get worse and harder to fix, so decided to bite the bullet and do it sooner rather than later.

So...there I was..just bein'stoopid, and left my iPhone on top of my car while doing other very important things. Drove away, as people do, and it fell off about 200 yards away,on a fairly busy street. I realized I didn't have it within minutes, but failed to remember the car roof thing, and

thought I left it in the gym , where I had just been increasing my stoopid apparently...a half hour search and rampant intrusion into the lives of anyone I saw would yield on to work and a computer to the "Find my iPhone" app..( so wonderful an use it !!!) and it found it where I previously stated...sent my on spring break son to find it..(why do we have kids? Exactly..) While dodging various cars to get it, he witnessed a Semi (fer Gawd's sake!) run over it..found the

phone and case separated by 20 ft and the front was one would expect...when I got home that night, amazingly, it was still functioning although I could not make a call or anything really as I value the skin on my fingers.

SO...on to AT&T where they told me there was insurance on my son's phone...not mine...why? Who knows... Iphone 6..lookin good!!!...yes..but

they wanted to "give" me one for a mere $32 a month for the rest of my life (well..) OR $399 now and a new 2 year contract where I would lose a $25 discount and be stuck with them again..forever...(well..)

So....I am notoriously cheap and said "I'm gonna fix it myself" to the sly smiling babe who was sort of helping me... She said, "Hmm...I dunno sir..)

I asked her out for coffee luck.(another story)

Enter TaDa!!

I'll be quick with this other small bit of stoopid...

#1... Online ordered the front assembly for iPhone 5s..(I happen to own an iPhone 5...)

#2.. Have it shipped next day air ($19)

#3.. It arrives, somebody else's house as I supplied the wrong address!

#4..Call the company and tell them...very nice guy BTW...he sends me a return authorization,if it shows up!..AND..pays for the replacement Next Day Air shipping!!! Unbelievable!!

#5..It arrives at my place (yea)..I follow the guide and take the destroyed faceplate off after taping it with packing tape so the suction

cup will work..and I find, to top off an obviously stoopid week...that I have ordered the wrong part..5s instead of 5 as I'm sure you remember...

#6..This isn't very quick is it..? Anyway..I call again..very nice guy again..sends me another Return auth...

#7..The correct part arrives the next day...

Yikes! My MBP batter bulged so much, I couldn't use the trackpad! It would even rock back & forth on my desk because the battery was trying to get out.

Battery was weak. The iPhone 5 often showed +50% battery status - then, all of a sudden, the OS shut down.

In an effort to cut costs our company did not pay for cellphone insurance as we decided for the best part any damage that could occur to an iPhone, with the exception of turning it into a submersible, could be repaired through iFixit cheaper than the insurance option. From a personal perspective I just get great satisfaction out of giving new life to anything... the older the better, rescuing the planets natural reserves, reducing market retail consumption and saving the craftsman from extinction.

The 1TB HDD without Fusion was painfully slow. I could not find a suitable blade style PCIe SSD to make the fusion drive like original Apple. So i decided to just replace the stock 1-TB 7200rpm with an aftermarket 512GB SSD SATA.

The front display was cracked

My Imac old HD was full and slow.

I've had my iPhone 5 for close to two years now. Two months before my eligible upgrade to the next iPhone the power/sleep button stopped working. Using a workaround for a few weeks started to become cumbersome and I really didn't want to upgrade to the larger iPhone 6. Knowing how much a repair through a shop would be, I decided to hold on to my phone a bit longer and repair it myself.

A person wiped off the dirty track pad with a cloth sprayed with some cleaner -- and something got into the pad and it stopped working. Even after days of drying the cursor moved erratically.

Dropped my mid-2012 MacBook Air 13" (A1466) with headphones plugged in. Since then, opening and closing the lid had no effect on whether or not the laptop would go to sleep. After reading two different articles on, I felt fairly comfortable that replacing the I/O card would rectify the problem.

Shattered screen = unhappy teenager. Had phone repaired by a kiosk company was fine till shattered again wasn't paying a ridiculous amount of money again to them. Purchased from your competition, had a issue with it read sticker on it after install oh crap no return. Found your company looked up phone by serial number got correct screen with camera (yea hooo !!!!)

When my Macbook hard drive failed and could not be repaired, my son the certified geek recommended an upgrade to a solid state drive to improve the performance. He predicted that "there might be a compatibility problem between the newer, faster drive and the original cable", but it "might" work, so why do more and spend more than needed.

Touch screen was malfunctioning.

The original battery in the phone would only last a few hours without having to charge it and the phone would often shut down at 30% battery left so a new battery was needed. I purchased one from an Ebay seller with a good rating stating in the listing that the battery was new, upon receiving the battery I noticed glue marks where the battery was previously installed in a phone. I continued with the install anyways. Upon finishing the install I completely charged the phone and immediately after unplugging it from the charger the phone shut down. It would do this over and over unless kept plugged in. I finally ran a test on the battery to view the charge cycles and found that it had 42 charge cycles on it. This is the point that I realized there was no way this was a new battery and immediately removed it and started the return procedure with the seller. Fortunately I found IFIXIT and they had stellar customer reviews in iphone batteries so I decided to give them a try.

The right fan of my Late 2011 15'' Macbook Pro became noisy, maybe why I use the Mac always with little inclination. Years of heavy use on an angled stand have probably worn out the fan. The speed of the fan never slow down, but the noise was annoying.

A few years ago while cradling my iPhone 5 between my neck and shoulder, I got a bit cocky with my technique and while opening a door, the phone fell and the screen shattered. At that time I thought of iPhones as largely disposable items but this time it hurt as I was only about 6 months into a contract on this phone. I ended up holding on to it for a while thinking I could either fix of sell it.

A few months went by and I purchased a new car that had an iPod interface. I thought great- I don't need a screen for this so I will load my music library on it and use it stashed away in my glove box. This worked great except for 3 things. Alarms set for 7:30, 11:30 and 3pm. I Don't know why I had 3 alarms active on the day I dropped my phone but I sure did regret doing that! I figured out a work around through my cars audio interface that would shut it off- so long as I was in the car when it happened. I worried that a passerby would hear my glove box rattling and get "curious" about it's contents. About 30% of the screen/digitizer worked so I spent some time desperately trying to get in the clock app and disabling the alarm. I was successful on one but the other 2 remained. About this time I noticed the fall had kinda popped the whole screen assembly from the back of the phone. I spent a few minutes with a pry tool and voila! It popped off. At that point I plugged it into my Mac and saw it was still alive, iFixit was the first thing that popped in my mind at that point and I immediately ordered a replacement screen and battery.

I bought a used MacBook Pro 13 Mid-2012 and it would only recognize a 250GB hard drive or smaller. The seller said the original drive went bad and they replaced it with a 250GB drive. I bought a 500GB SSD and discovered the problem when the MBP failed to boot from the drive. It would not even recognize a 750GB drive. Both drives worked fine in a USB enclosure. The Apple Store hinted it was the hard drive cable, but they would not repair it due to the original drive being replaced with a third-party drive. I wanted them to test the logic board to see if the SATA chip was bad.

mid 2009 MBP - dead in the water. A couple years ago this particular machine one day just stopped. Heard the bong, got to grey apple logo and that was it. PANIC! As I had a gigantic job deadline I literally ran out the door to the nearest Apple store and bought another one, sent my time machine backup to it and was back in business in a couple hours. Years pass. The kid has been begging me for an entree into the walled garden of Apple and I finally remember the dead machine.

The trackpad on my bosses 11" MBA was sometimes not clicking or registering a click.


One of my dear friends unknowingly sat on my laptop and cracked the LCD, so I had to replace the display.

The battery life on this phone sucked. So I tried replacing the battery. Unfortunately, I shattered the screen in the attempt to take it off. I therefore had to pick up the display assembly and install it at the same time as the new battery.

I had an IPhone 5 before my IPhone 6, but while I was playing basketball my phone fell out of my pocket and shatter my screen. I try to sell it but i wanted to fix it first so I took it to Mexico City and paid around 800 MXN (around 50 USD) to fix my phone and everything worked great until suddlently my phone died out of nowhere it wouldnt even turn on, and while it was connected to current only the apple logo showed up and was stuck in a boot loop. I decided to take manners into my own hand and bought the Pro Tech Toolkit (even though 30 USD for shippement seemed a little high *cough* IFixIt *cough* fix the price *cough*

Battery was out completely, swapped it out with a new iFixit battery.

My macbook was making a ton of noise all of a sudden, and after a quick iFixit search, I realize the cause was the fan.

My 2011 11" MacBook Air was developing a bulge, and Mac OS X was telling me to replace the battery. Good advice!

My 7th generation Ipod, with 120 GB and over 15,000 songs on it would eventually only hold a charge for approximately ten minutes. After much deliberation I asked Apple what my options were. They told me that because the Ipod was over five years old it was considered "vintage" and they could no longer replace or repair it and kindly suggested I buy a new Ipod (maximum storage capacity of 64GB, definitely going to be Ipod Touch, and uhh 10% off of 300? so I basically save on the tax pshhh). I decided that I would bring my best friend back to life. My Ipod has been with me through my tumultuous college career, my multiple study abroad trips and countless of other experiences that bonded us for life. I feel closer to this Ipod than I do many people that I know. I refused to trade it in for a mere $30 off of a newer version that should be ashamed of the amount of storage it has.

After having fixed the battery and speaker issue, ( ), I had noticed that even when plugged in, every now and then, the iphone 4S would just suddenly start discharging, as if it were not plugged in. Also, when I replaced the speaker in my previous repair, I did notice that there was some warpage of the old speaker assembly, as if that part of the speaker assembly got excessively hot. From those two things, I assumed there was a possible short in the dock connector assembly.

Phone was in nice condition till a daughter dropped it one day.

The factory Seagate 3tb hd died.

Broken headphone jack. No sound on left channel.

The screen was shattered after an unfortunate fall from table top caught in the middle and pressed hard to the table leg. I guess it would not break if let fall on the carpet :)

Replacement with Apple is ridiculously pricey.

Fixing at local repairs would have cost $125 with OEM parts and warranty and it could take 2 hours, but I felt like I want to do it myself and ready to pay extra for the pleasure.

Wanted to replace the bottom panel of my Macbook Pro with Retina. The secure screws require a special tool called a P5 Pentalobe driver. This P5 tool is not readily available in local hardware stores and the Mac Store does not help!!! i wanted to do it right so i stumbled upon I Fix It's web page and found a proper profesional tool.

Last week, I shattered the screen on my iPhone 5 when it fell out of my pocket while moving my lemon tree indoors due to freezing weather. It was so bad that pieces of glass were falling out and I could barely see my apps and texts.

My 2011 base-model Mac Mini (2.3GHz i5) was showing its age - or so I thought. I had replaced almost every other spinning platter hard drive with solid state drives, but this Mac Mini was my holdout. After looking up processor benchmarks and realizing that it should be every bit as fast as my 2011 MacBook Air (1.8GHz i7), I decided to take the plunge and add an SSD on top of the hard drive that it came with.

The Trackpad's glasse was broken and the clic not working. I decide to change the complete Trackpad with a new one.

Trackpad was acting cray-zay - cursor would jitter and jump around, open mission control (3 finger swipe gesture), randomly scroll (2 finger gesture) etc.

Confirmed it was only the trackpad by using a mouse and turning the trackpad off. No known spills and the battery wasn't bloated.

Screen cracked, and not responding

The battery did not hold a charge, and speaker output no sound whatsoever.

My 8 yr old PS3 "Fat" 60gb shut itself down during a session of Gran Turismo 6 and gave me a blinking red light, and wouldn't boot anymore. I looked into it and figured it was an overheat problem, similar to the YLOD.


would fall asleep watching my mac's progress bar at bootup