Repair Stories

These are stories, written by people just like yourself, all about repair. Some end well; some end poorly, but all are fascinating tales of repair adventures. Read through some of the stories below, and perhaps you will be inspired to fix some of your own things — even the ones that aren't broken... yet.

Broken headphone jack. No sound on left channel.

The screen was shattered after an unfortunate fall from table top caught in the middle and pressed hard to the table leg. I guess it would not break if let fall on the carpet :)

Replacement with Apple is ridiculously pricey.

Fixing at local repairs would have cost $125 with OEM parts and warranty and it could take 2 hours, but I felt like I want to do it myself and ready to pay extra for the pleasure.

Wanted to replace the bottom panel of my Macbook Pro with Retina. The secure screws require a special tool called a P5 Pentalobe driver. This P5 tool is not readily available in local hardware stores and the Mac Store does not help!!! i wanted to do it right so i stumbled upon I Fix It's web page and found a proper profesional tool.

Last week, I shattered the screen on my iPhone 5 when it fell out of my pocket while moving my lemon tree indoors due to freezing weather. It was so bad that pieces of glass were falling out and I could barely see my apps and texts.

My 2011 base-model Mac Mini (2.3GHz i5) was showing its age - or so I thought. I had replaced almost every other spinning platter hard drive with solid state drives, but this Mac Mini was my holdout. After looking up processor benchmarks and realizing that it should be every bit as fast as my 2011 MacBook Air (1.8GHz i7), I decided to take the plunge and add an SSD on top of the hard drive that it came with.

The Trackpad's glasse was broken and the clic not working. I decide to change the complete Trackpad with a new one.

Trackpad was acting cray-zay - cursor would jitter and jump around, open mission control (3 finger swipe gesture), randomly scroll (2 finger gesture) etc.

Confirmed it was only the trackpad by using a mouse and turning the trackpad off. No known spills and the battery wasn't bloated.

Screen cracked, and not responding

The battery did not hold a charge, and speaker output no sound whatsoever.

My 8 yr old PS3 "Fat" 60gb shut itself down during a session of Gran Turismo 6 and gave me a blinking red light, and wouldn't boot anymore. I looked into it and figured it was an overheat problem, similar to the YLOD.


would fall asleep watching my mac's progress bar at bootup

Computer slowed down dramatically; Wheel of death when opening applications, writing emails, looking at pictures - very frustrating!

The owner of the "not tech related company" I work for asked me, if I'd be interested in taking a look at his Macbook Pro that is broken. He said he was working on it, while it was on top of his car. "Something happened" and it slid off the roof and landed with a CRUNCH! After taking a look at it, I noticed that one of the corners of the display had shattered. Having never done repairs on Apple products but knowing my way around PCs I figured I could come here and get a good guide, tools and replacement parts. Plus I was offered compensation for my time.

I purchased this macbook for $75. It needed a new Screen.

iMac A1418 EFI Password Removal

My Ipod battery was completely dead so I couldn't use my Ipod even on a dock.

Bought my son a Kindle Fire HD7 16gb 2nd Gen for Christmas. He was so excited he ran to show it off to his Mom. Next thing you know WHAM ! He runs into the table and drops it. Broken digitizer screen and broken heart.

Yosemite (10.10) depends more on the internal drive then before. This makes a slow hard drive (20MB/s) a pain in the @%^. Is slows the complete system down.

MacBook Pro SSD replacement, MacMini HDD to SSD upgrade, MacBook Air WiFi replacement and SSD replacement for warranty service, iMac 5k Display screen replacement, Samsung Ultra book keyboard replacement, Sony Replace upper cover, Lenovo DC Adapter repair, Most of all my customer try to purchase middle or high middle of laptop and desktop then they ask me to upgrade there parts. With iFixit guide and tools - i am ready for any job. Even iFixit is on my iPad lol Good to go!!

My one year old grabbed my wife's 4S off the coffee table and dropped it on the tile around the fireplace shattering the screen.

The battery on 2 of our Macbook Air's were pretty much dead. One of the Air's fans sounded like a helicopter.

A few weeks ago the rubber coating released it self, caused by the heat, from the lowercase of our Macbook, end 2009 version. Because the Apple replacement program was not applied on this Macbook, I decided to repair it my self. The Macbook is in perfect state, including 4GB memory and running Yosemite, 10.10 OS X.

I wanted to change the display of a friend's iPhone 5s. I don't know exactly how it happened but the screen was shattered. She has two small kids so they probably had something to do with it :-)

I recently bought a refurbished iphone 5 from ebay for my dad. When it arrived, I was excited to use it but was also worried that it would have some sort of major issue, because I have not had good experiences with refurbished items in the past. I was relieved to know that everything was in good order expect for the erratic battery life. I would download an app or play a game on the phone and suddenly, the battery percentage would drop 20-30% in a matter of a few minutes. Also, when I plugged my phone into the charger, the battery percentage would shoot up 20-30%, which was the strangest thing that I had ever seen. At this point I was very displeased and was about to return the phone. I decided to look up this problem to see if it was a common occurrence and figured out that some people had some success after replacing the battery. The battery replacement at the apple store cost $80, I decided to save some money and try the diy way. Thankfully the replacement was relatively easy and now the battery life is very good without any erratic behavior.

Okay, not a real war--my iMac has not accompanied me on any of my sojourns to Iraq. However, I am an instructor at a military school and my iMac is key to my ability to Photoshop maps and news articles in order to put my students in fictitious wars around the world. I came in off the Christmas holiday break and found that my 2008 iMac 24" (EMC 2211) would not power up. I was heartbroken to say the least. I have a government computer (Windows) but can't install any of my own software and so wouldn't have key tools for doing my job. I tried swapping power cords, trying a different outlet, removing and reinstalling the RAM--you name it, I tried it. Unsure of whether it might be the power supply or the logic board (after Googling to see what the common causes of this problem were), I went to see the folks at the Genius Bar, only to be told that they couldn't do any repair work on it and therefore couldn't really tell me what the problem was. So I decided to try the power supply repair, since it seemed most likely and was cheaper than the logic board (a logic board repair would probably have caused me to replace it instead).

After many years of use, the dock connector on my iPhone 4s had become corroded and was causing problems with the phone such as poor charging and not being able to shut the phone down (it would just restart itself when you tried to power it off).

My old iPhone 4S needed a new dock connector--it always thought it was docked, and was discharging itself and getting hot. When I replaced the dock connector, I broke the home switch cable. Then while replacing the home switch cable, I broke the secondary mic off the headphone jack.

During a business trip my MacBook started to freeze. I did not know what could be the issue and finally I got a message when trying to restart: Unapproved Caller. Security Agent may only be invoked by Apple software.


Am I not using a MacBook? I had to do a double take. After I got my head not to explode I did a hard shut. When I restarted it all seemed fine, but shortly afterwards it began freezing again. Safari started misbehaving, and keychain would throw an error here and there at random.

The security agent message started appearing even when restarting so I could not use my MacBook at all. Sometimes it would not even get as far a even turning the screen on.

I left it alone for a while and then I started it again. Wow! It actually turned on and I was able to log in and was doing fine for a bit when again it would freeze and all the behavior described above happened again.

So I took it to the Apple store to the 'Geniuses'. They did all the checks that I had already done at home and when I told them about the Security Agent they knew nothing about it. So they just did a fresh install of the operating system and when I got home it started happening again. Of course while I was at the Apple store the Security Agent message and the freezing did not show up o_O

I swear I felt like I was taking crazy pills.

I read a bunch of things online and everything that was recommended fixed the issue for a hot second, only to come back after an undetermined amount of time.

Finally I read that some people had had this issue and that nothing worked ONLY after they changed the HD Cable did the issue get resolved!


I was totally did the HD Cable have anything to do with my issue...

So finally at the end of my rope, right as I was about to give up on my MacBook I decided to give it a try.

I searched for my MacBook HD Cable and got to iFixit. I read some of the comments and figured that this was my last attempt at trying to fix my MacBook.

Because my cousin had his screen totally cracked and he couldn't text well. After a while the LCD was on the Green Mile... Colors were fading and so on. So asking different technicians they were overcharging the repair so I offered to do it myself. I've done my iPhone 4S and other 3GS, 3G and even iPhone some time before. So I went on the journey to getting a good quality screen here at

The rear camera got damaged after an accident where the iPhone hit the floor a little bit to hard. Even the rear case got damaged. And then the battery only worked for a hour, I desided it was time to do something.

This was my daughter's phone and she had dropped it repeatedly, but continued to use it. Finally, it got so bad that she couldn't use it anymore, so we traded it in for another phone. Having used iFixit previously to repair my iPod Classic's display, I thought it would might be worth it to see if I could do the same for the phone.

I got two iPhone 5s with cracked screens and an iPhone 5 with problematic battery.

We are a full service Repair facility for most electronics on the market today. We have fully staffed and have factory certified bench technicians. Our apple techs are apple certified and trained. We are Apple Value Added Resellers for the last 12 years.

One day I was using my phone while laying in bed and placed it down on top of the covers. Then I flung the covers off to get out of bed and whoops, the phone met the floor with shattering consequences.

The original factory HDD in my MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2010) was failing, but still bootable. Wanted to get a new HDD in before it fully died and before my newborn came (because I knew it'd be harder to ever get the repair done after she was born).

My Early 2011 MBP was running like molasses on everything from bootup to app switching to... well, anything really! After going back and forth between upgrading my HD and upgrading my RAM, I ended up on this handy kit.

Trabajo para una empresa como Ing. Sistemas, mi jefe me pregunto que si podía apoyar a un familiar de él por que tenia una Macbook Air que tenia dañado su display, le dije que si pero cuando me llevo la maquina el display estaba mas que dañado estaba echo trisas, me comento que lo llevo con un técnico, y que se la regreso así y le dijo que no tenia reparación el técnico trato de cambiar el LCD pero en el proceso doblo todo el marco, rompió el Flex de la Camara Web, perdio la camara web, los Flexores Internos los corto me dejo un caos. le comente que era posible reparar pero era necesario cambiar toda la pieza ya que si la comprábamos por separado seria mas cara, buscando en la web encontré la pagina y el tutorial de como cambiar la pieza solicite las pieza así como el kit de herramientas para poder hacer el trabajo

Backlight was coming on. You can feel haptic feedback but there was no picture. Hooked up to my Debian box and factory reset via adb. Still no joy.

I had accidentally smashed the digitize. It had a spider web type break in it and was basically a finger shredder...

I was hiking across Black Rock desert at night using the light from my phone to both show me the way and to use as a rescue beacon when the battery died. Stuck there in the middle of the 740 square mile vastness of the largest land mass in the lower 48 with no natural life forms, with not tools other than a pocket knife and a Bic lighter, I started a small fire, using my socks and underwear as fuel, and set about converting my phone to propane power. I worked tirelessly through the night and had successfully completed the task just before dawn only to find that there in the distance, was the entrance gate to the Burningman festival. I was able to barter a foot massage, and a professional tooth cleaning for some larger propane hose and a fully charged 1 pound propane tank to keep my phone going till I could make other arangements. Now that I had cell service, I was able to call a limousine service from Reno to come out to get me, and transport me to the Reno Airport. On the ride into Reno I called my broker and had him sell off some IBM stock that had skyrocketed to $192, and transfer that money into my checking account, in time to cover the debit card transaction that afforded me a first class ticket back to Seattle. I ordered my new iFixit battery kit as we arrived at the Reno Airport, then set about dis-mantling the propane power pack, knowing TSA was never going to let me through security with it. Little did I know there would be a hijacking attempt, and engine failure, and a tire blow out that would keep us stalled on the tarmac in Portland for 2 days, but the food was good, the service amazing, and I was able to negotiate a date to take the mail plane from Lake Union to each of the San Juan Islands for lunch in the company of the co-pilot, a skydiving enthusiast who taught me a thing or two about control lines. When I finally arrived home I had just enough time for a relaxing shower a quick snack of wild turkey baked at 325 degrees while enclosed in a brown paper bag, seasoned with alder smoked sea salt and coffee grounds, and a few minutes to check my email, when there was a knock at the front door. I waited breathlessly until my man-servant Raoul knocked twice on my secret hideaway door, and delivered to me a small bubble wrap envelope with my new iFixit battery and took kit inside.

My old battery was already sputtering.

For about the last year, the left fan in my Macbook Pro was rattling and would freak out and make even more noise if you held the computer at a certain angle (it was very, very annoying).

Too many repairs to describe! We're a Help Desk at a private university and all of our technicians are student workers; they come to us with little to no experience, and they leave confident and ready to rip-apart any machine and get to the guts of the issue

une odeur soudaine de brûlé puis plus rien sur l'Imac, il ne voulait plus démarrer et ne donnait aucun signe de vie. Je l'ai emmené chez un réparateur Mac, et là le diagnostic a été simple au vu de ma description : carte alim HS. seul hic Apple a comme règle d'arrêter l'approvisionnement de ses rechanges à 7 ans et mon Imac avait 7 ans et demi !! c'était rageant.

Never used the optical drive on my old Macbook so I figured I would replace it with a HDD. Heard about doing this online so I thought I would give it a shot. Having an extra 2.5 inch HDD lying around was also good motivation.

Battery would randomly shutdown, even when fully charged.

Need to speed up drive access.