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Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller 1698 Front Panels

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Device Info

The Xbox One Wireless Controller Model 1698 is a handheld device used for game control on the Xbox One. Microsoft created this controller specifically for professional gamers. It can be customized in several ways however, most features of this controller are shared with standard Xbox controllers.

The quickest way to identify an Elite controller is to look for the model number on the inside of the battery pack. If the controller is an Elite controller, it should have Model 1698 printed behind where the batteries sit. Another way to identify the Elite controller is by checking for four silver paddles on the back of the controller. If they aren’t there, then there should be four slots below the battery pack, each with a green dot next to it.

Shared features between models 1537, 1697, 1698 and 1708:

  • The Start and Back buttons found on the 360 controller have been replaced with the Menu and View buttons, respectively.
  • The triggers on the Xbox One controller have been mounted with individual rumble motors to enhance the gaming experience.
  • The Xbox button now glows white when the controller is switched on.
  • The controller features a micro-USB cable at the top of the controller to enable charging while plugged into the console and connecting for use with a computer.

Features that are shared between models 1697, 1698, and 1708:

  • The controller now features a 3.5mm headphone jack, which makes the headset adapter optional. While the headset adapter is no longer required and can be controlled in software, the headset adapter will continue to work.

Features unique to Model 1698:

  • The Elite Controller includes four back paddles that can be customized for specific gameplay functions using the Xbox Accessories application.
  • The thumbsticks and directional pad can be replaced with custom pieces.
  • The buttons on the front can be programmed in the configuration settings to have the functions of other buttons using the Xbox Accessories application.
  • The Configuration Switch button, on the front of the controller beneath the pause button, allows the user to switch between different controller mappings.
  • The buttons are a tinted grey.
  • The rear triggers are adjustable with the hair trigger locks to shorten or lengthen the movement of each trigger.

The Elite Controller is best suited towards Windows 10 users, although it works on Windows 7 and 8.x without an issue. It uses the Xbox Accessories application on Windows 10. This program allows you to create custom maps and is how you will save the controller maps that are frequently used to the controller. To connect the controller to a PC, you will need to use a MicroUSB cable or the Xbox One Wireless receiver. Bluetooth is not available on Model 1698.

The major limitation with this controller for Windows 7 and 8.x users is the lack of option to create custom controller maps. While the option to create new maps is not available, the maps that are programmed into the controller will always be available for use. The main benefit to custom controller maps is the ability to keep one map as-is for the majority of games, but set up a custom mode for games where you need to change things if you are playing a game that doesn't work as well with the stock map (Ex: Fighting games).