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Device Info

The Switch is a hybrid gaming system—designed mainly as a traditional home console connected to a television, but the console can be removed from its docking station for handheld/portable use.

The Switch consists of several hardware components that can be configured on the fly depending on the user's play style:

  • The Switch Console, a tablet-like unit with an integrated battery and 6.2-inch touchscreen
  • The Switch Dock, which functions as a charging station and audio/video connection to the user's television
  • The Joy-Con controllers, dubbed Joy-Con L and Joy-Con R, which can be used independently or as a pair, or attached to the Switch Console via its side rails, or connected to the Joy-Con Grip for use as a single controller

Early in development, the Switch was known by the project codename Nintendo NX.

The Nintendo Switch was introduced in 2017 with the model number HAC-001. The 2019 revision, model number HAC-001(-01), has a new CPU and updated memory chips, which offer increased efficiency resulting in longer battery life. These changes increased battery life from 2.5-6.5 hours to 4.5-9 hours. Everything else inside the 2019 revision is almost exactly the same as the original Switch, from the Bluetooth and WiFi chips to the unfortunately-soldered-on USB-C port.