My First Phone: The Teardown

When I was 14, I begged my mom to get me the Sony Ericsson T616 phone. I didn’t actually have a good reason for wanting that specific phone; I just liked it because it was tiny enough to fit in my back pocket. Literally minutes after we purchased it—while we were still in the parking lot of the AT&T store—I  downloaded R Kelly’s Ignition and made it my ringtone. I remember the constant hassle of deleting songs and photos every week when I exceeded the 2 MBs of storage. And I remember the first boy who ever asked me to go steady via text message, because he was too shy to ask me in person.

Here at iFixit, we like to reminisce about old vintage tech. Being the curious cats that we are, we thought it’d be fun to explore the insides of our first phones by tearing them down. So we polled the office, rounded up some willing participants, and made our co-workers (and their first phones) spill their guts.

my first phone vintage tech teardown banner

Just like that, our newest video series was born: My First Phone, The Teardown.

Cue the nostalgia:

Our video dude tears down his Nokia 3310

Watch me take apart my Sony Ericsson T616

Video dude #2 takes apart his Motorola SLVR L2

Kelsea might have dropped her Motorola RAZR V3xx in the toilet

What was your first phone? Tell us in the comments below and we may feature it in our video series. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel so you can be first to get our sweet, sweet flicks.