Embed an iFixit Guide or Teardown on Your Site

Hark! The holiday season approaches. For us, that means it’s teardown season. We’re warming up our spudgers to tear down all the gadgets and gizmos on your Christmas wish lists. As always, we’ll post these teardowns to iFixit.com/teardown. But here’s the thing: You can actually embed iFixit’s guides and teardowns on your site, too. Which is pretty much the gift that keeps on giving.

You can embed an iFixit guide on your site

Here’s how it works:

Navigate to the “Options” button at the top-right corner of whatever guide or teardown interests you. Select “Embed this Guide” to bring up a window with the HTML code for the guide and a preview of what the guide will look like. Copy and paste the HTML code into your website and presto! The iFixit guide will display as a small widget on your site.

But hey, let’s demonstrate how to embed a guide with an embeddable guide! Because we’re just that meta.

It’s that easy.

One note: If you’re having trouble with the embed code, you may need to whitelist iFixit.com on your website. Contact kaykay@ifixit.com if you need more assistance or information about that process.

Now, go forth and repair!