Framework 13: Brand New Laptop in 20 Minutes

Framework 13: Brand New Laptop in 20 Minutes

Not Just Hype: Framework Brings PC Repairability to Laptops

As someone still running on a 2012 MacBook Pro, the clock is winding down on software support, and if I could simply swap out my motherboard for Apple’s latest processor? That sounds like a dream come true. Luckily for Framework laptop users, that dream is attainable. Meet the new, old, Framework 13 laptop

Framework received a lot of hype at launch, billing itself as the repairable laptop. They sold build-it-yourself laptop kits, and they followed through with upgrades within the first year. 

But the true test is now. Two years on, with the hype receding and a new generation of processors on the line, Framework could opt to gatekeep this new tech. But true to form, and in keeping with their founding spirit, Framework is holding strong to modular upgrades.

The 2023 upgrade cycle brings 13th generation processors and a new, more-efficient battery. With their powers combined Framework expects up to 30% more power efficiency. And those upgrades can be yours in a mere 20 minutes. 

Framework borrows not only the customizable build-it-yourself aspect of traditional PC towers, but also the accessibility and repairability. Pop out any expansion cards, open up the lower case, and the laptop is your oyster. We even got a new matte screen which is itself incredibly easy to swap.

To me, the ideal tech is a Ship of Theseus. Why get a new laptop when you can make the laptop you already have new? Swap parts as they are needed, generating a fraction of a new computer’s e-waste. Pass parts down to other users, or recycle just the components themselves. The manufacturer can keep selling full units to new customers, and with negligible extra effort, sell the components to existing customers. That builds trust, loyalty, and satisfaction.

I still don’t have a Mac OS solution for my soon-obsolete MacBook Pro, but maybe I’ve got a PC contender.

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