Surface Pro 4: Less Sticky than Before

October is almost Octover; goodbye pumpkin-flavored everything, low-budget Netflix thrillers, and super-sized bags of candy. To ease your sorrow of fall’s swift passing, we bring you good news from our Surface Pro 4 teardown—slightly less obnoxious adhesive. We’d like to think that we had something to do with Microsoft’s move toward openability (we’ve been critical of the Surfaces-of-yore), but really it just makes sense—even without our goading. With configurations costing up to $2600, this shouldn’t be a throwaway device.

Surface Pro 4 teardown highlights:

• In the sensor bar we find what is probably an IR projector, like the one found in Project Tango. It should enable the IR camera to recognize your face and unlock your computer with the Windows Hello feature. Hello, computer.

• After prying up the display, we discovered a mysterious gap next to the motherboard. We suspect this is room for a fan that our base-model Core M3 model doesn’t require—a silent advantage for the low-power end.

• The heat sink in the Surface Pro 4 got a seriously impressive makeover, complete with new copper heat pipes and a large copper plate that extends over the battery for heat dissipation.

Internals of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4