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Fan Repair: So Easy These Gradeschoolers Can Do It

There are two things we keep telling people about repair. (1) It’s probably easier than you think. (2) If it’s already broken and destined for the trash, you really have nothing to lose by trying.

Little fixers doing fan repair
Words of repair wisdom from these ‘lil fixers.

To illustrate those points, here’s a video of a pre-tween trio pulling off a fan repair. The fixer kids take viewers through the whole process—from troubleshooting and cleaning, to repair and testing. Turns out the fan had a close encounter of the bitey kind with a puppy; the cord needed to be spliced and repaired. The kids get a little adult supervision in the form of Christal—owner of The Fixer Lab—but they mostly do the repair on their own.

Way to go, ‘lil fixers. Nice job with that heatgun.

“The coolest thing is that everything can be fixed. You don’t always need to throw things away,” says Georgia, pre-tween fixer extraordinaire.

Check out the whole video below.

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