Meet Your Friendly Neighborhood Fixer

When you’re in the business of teaching people to repair like we are, you tend to meet a lot of really cool fixers. Who are fixers, you ask? A fixer is the kind of person who lives for repair. A fixer feels most at home in a cluttered workshop, screwdriver in hand. A fixer can bring anything with a motor or a motherboard back to life—even when everyone else has given up on ever getting it working again.

Built by mom repair business mousepad

Every once in a while, we like to share the stories of cool fixers with our community: So, meet Angela Henderson. Angela is a California repairwoman and owner of Built By Mom, a residential computer repair and tech service business.

Like many fixers, Angela’s path to owning a repair business wasn’t a straight line. She started out as an English major who took apart computers for fun. Eventually, repair grew from a hobby to a passion to a business. Now, Angela runs Built By Mom out of her garage, and keeps the computers in her community alive.

Check out Angela’s story as part of our ongoing video profile series, Fixers in Focus.