iFixit Has Gone Android

There’s a lot of fruit at iFixit. We have Apple repair guides, Apple teardowns, and Apple parts. We’ve even invented Apple tools. But there’s more to life than just Apples. Way more.

So, we’ve been diversifying our diet: iFixit has gone Android—in a big way.

We’ve just launched the first phase of Project: Android—and, going forward, we’re working to make sure that iFixit has the Android parts, guides, and tools that you’re looking for. (See what we did there?)

We have the Android you're looking for meme

Our Android Repair hub is now live. On it, you’ll find hundreds of Android repair guides, plus replacement parts for a dozen of Android’s most popular devices—including the Samsung Galaxy S, the Galaxy Note, and the Nexus tablet series.

Our goal is to develop as comprehensive a resource for Android repair as we currently have for Apple. Of course, taking on the Android ecosystem is a much bigger challenge. There’s just a lot more ground to cover. While Apple has just 10 different models of iPhones, Android has at least 4,000 different phone models in use right now—and almost 20,000 distinct devices total.

That’s a lot of repair guides to write—but we’re on our way. We already have guides for 252 Android devices—which means iFixit now officially hosts more Android guides than we do Apple guides.

Expect to see that number grow every day. We’re working with technical writing students at 40 universities around the US to write more Android repair guides. And we have some exciting new partnerships in the works to expand our catalog of Android replacement parts.

So, if you drop your phone in the near future, check Project: Android. Hopefully, we’ll have you covered. If not, tell us what parts and guides you’d like us to carry. Your feedback will help us gauge where to aim our spudgers. And if you happen to fix an Android device that’s not already listed in our catalog of repair guides—take some pictures and write a guide for the procedure. For someone else with a broken phone, that repair guide will be a lifesaver.

Cheers! And happy Android fixing.