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It’s Time for a Repair Resolution

There’s a reason why MacGyver never goes out of style. It’s because he’s awesome. This year, iFixit is asking everyone to be awesome, too. Awesome like MacGyver.

Take the Repair Resolution and exercise your right to repair. Accept the pledge, and we personally guarantee that you’ll save money, level up your tinkering skills, and impress all the hotties (That’s how it worked for MacGyver).

right to repair symbol

Even if you’re not a MacGyver fan (shame on you), repair should still be on your New Year’s Resolutions list: Repair makes the stuff you have last longer, it creates jobs, and it empowers people to not take broken for a final answer.

And repair isn’t just good for the individual. It’s good for the planet, too. In 2013, manufacturers shipped almost 2.4 billion computers, laptops, and cell phones to consumers around the world. If consumers fixed just 1% of those electronics, we would prevent thousands of tons of e-waste from ending up in landfills around the world.

Need more reasons to repair? iFixit is proud to announce that we are relaunching The site has a new look, new articles, and is a whole new resource on the philosophy behind repair. We’ve launched the first article of the new today, and we will continue to release more over the coming weeks.

Learn about your right to repair at, then take the Repair Pledge. Because repair is the best resolution.

Let’s fix the world together.