Expanding our Samsung Galaxy guides
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Expanding our Samsung Galaxy guides

At the beginning of March we took apart the new Samsung Galaxy S22 to see what’s sweating in the latest models and compare them to their predecessors. We then immediately got to work writing repair manuals for all the new hardware. iFixit wouldn’t be the world’s leading resource for everything repair if we didn’t have you covered on all fronts.

Today we want to shine some light on where we’re at with Samsung Galaxy repair information.

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Repair guides and disassembly information for Samsung's Android-based cell phones old and new, including the popular Galaxy product line. Get everything you need to repair your Samsung phone yourself.

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Is it a scratched back cover you want to swap on your shiny mobile companion, a tired old battery that cries for replacement or that crack in your display that gives you unwanted haptic feedback while doomscrolling? These and many more guides are at your disposal for various models. Oh, and did we mention those guides are for free?

And even if your phone is still in good condition, satisfy your curiousity and take a look inside the latest hardware with our beautiful step-by-step Samsung Galaxy guides ranging from the affordable M series over to the Galaxy A series all the way to the flagship Galaxy S line like the Galaxy S20.

Guides are online now for the S21 Ultra and S21+. We are almost done with our S21 guides and will be releasing them in the coming weeks. And rest assured, guides for the latest Samsung Galaxy S22 models are just around the corner. We’ve got these devices sitting on our workbench right now.

Going forward, we are going to be collaborating more with Samsung directly. Today they announced that they will be making service parts available directly to consumers for the latest phones. They plan to start by making replacement display assemblies (with integrated batteries), back glass, and charge ports available for the latest Galaxy phones. We applaud this move, and will have more to announce this summer.