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The Amazing Break: Cats Hate Your Computers

The internet has long been a fan of cats. And what’s not to love? Adorable little fluffballs that they are. Just picture it: you find a cat sitting on a computer, snuggling in between the keyboard and the display…basking in hard drive warmth. Awwww.

But wait! You might be on the verge of a catastrophe. Because under the delicate whiskers, behind those innocent eyes, lurking behind downy fluff is the soul of a wily schemer.

A cat contributing to the amazing breaks series

For this installment of The Amazing Break, it’s a round of cats versus computers. Who do you think won?

Fighting Felines

“My cats got into a fight and both fell onto the top of my MacBook Pro, cracking the screen. Bad LOL cats.”

Confirmed: Never Store Things in Litter

“Well, when I was filling the kitty litter box, I somehow managed to drop my iPhone in without realising. I couldn’t find it and didn’t realise until that night where it was. But it was too late. You can guess what happened.”

Taking the Plunge

“Over at a friend’s house with my Macbook, when her FAT cat jumps down from the back of the couch directly onto the laptop, which was lying closed on the floor. Completely cracked the LCD panel, but I was able to replace it thanks to the iFixit guide.”


“Forget making laptops waterproof, somebody needs to make one that will repel cat yack. (The screen dried out eventually.)”

The Kitten Catastrophe: Repeat Offender

“My wife was sitting on the couch with her MacBook on her lap, and asked me to bring her coffee over to her (complete with cream and sugar). After warning her not to spill it on her laptop, her cat launched onto her lap, spilling her coffee onto the keyboard. Within minutes, I had iFixit up on my laptop and my tools out disassembling and cleaning her MacBook, and saving its life. The crazy part: the very next day we had to repeat the whole scene, when the same cat knocked over a glass of water sitting next to her laptop, this time on the kitchen table. I think the cat hates Macs.”