Send Us Your Father’s Day Memories

Warning: There are three weeks left until Father’s Day. So, you have another two weeks before you really need to start panicking over what gift to give ye olde pater familias. We, of course, we suggest tools. Fathers love tools.

Father's Day repair with tools

For our part, we’re planning to do an iFixit-style tribute to fathers. Many of us around here have fond memories of learning to use table saws, fixing bikes, and working on cars with our dads. After all, we firmly believe that repair is more than just an action—it’s a legacy.

So, if the weeks before Father’s Day make you feel as nostalgic as us, please share your memories.

Make a 30-second video recounting your favorite memory with your father. Tell us about what you and your Dad fixed together. Tell us what you learned from him. Tell us how repair is a legacy in your family.

Send your video to community@ifixit.com.