iPad 2’s New Display Driver IC

We received word from our pals at Chipworks that newer versions of the iPad 2 are using a new display driver IC. Vintage iPad 2s (circa March 2011) contain a chip labeled as SW0627B, an LG display driver that dates back to the original iPad:

original display driver IC in the iPad 2
SW0627B – original iPad and iPad 2 display driver.

Chipworks’ latest batch of iPad 2s, however, seem to be using a new Wise-View chip. Little to no information can be found about the chip at this time, except that it appears to be a technology developed by Samsung. Sadly there’s no information on Samsung Semiconductor’s site regarding this display driver product line.

New driver IC in the iPad 2
Wise-View controller from a recently-purchased iPad 2. Image provided by Chipworks.

We’re not sure how long this display driver has been shipping in iPads, but it’s interesting to see that the driver changed significantly — especially since the old one had no problems doing its duty for the past couple of years. Did Apple just change suppliers? Is this foreshadowing the release of an updated iPad with a higher-res screen? Only time will tell, and we’re not ones to speculate.

If anyone has more info on the chip, please feel free to submit a comment or contact us directly!