Nintendo 3DS Has 128MB RAM

Our friends at Chipworks have decapsulated and analyzed the mysterious Fujitsu MB82M8080-07L chip we found in the Nintendo 3DS. It turns out that “MB82M8080” is actually code for “MB82DBS08645” (of course!), which is the actual part number for the memory dies inside the chip. From that information, Chipworks deduced that they have a 512Mb FCRAM die on their hands. As there were two dies inside the chip, 2 dies x 512Megabits = 128 MB of RAM!

Decapsulated die in the Nintendo 3DS memory chip
Photo of one MB82DBS08645 512Mb decapsulated die. There’s two of these inside the Fujitsu memory chip.

Fujitsu claims that their Fast Cycle RAM has a data rate of 3.2 GB/sec, which is approximately double the capability of DDR2 RAM, according to their chart. That’s certainly an impressive statistic, but we’ll have to see if the relatively-low memory amount hampers the 3DS’ performance over time.

X-ray of the 512MB die in the Nintendo 3DS memory chip
X-Ray of the MB82DBS08645 512Mb die