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MacBook Unibody Backlit Keyboard Upgrade

We have finally answered the question some of our users kept asking: “Can the MacBook Unibody 2.0 GHz be upgraded to a backlit keyboard?” We were able to successfully switch the non-backlit keyboard to a backlit keyboard on our MacBook Unibody 2.0 GHz machine! You don’t have to regret purchasing an earlier version of the Unibody if you really wanted a backlit keyboard. However, the upgrade process is certainly not easy.

The keyboard is integrated into the MacBook Unibody’s upper case (along with pretty much all other internal components). You will have to remove everything from the upper case, including the display assembly, in order to replace the upper case. The most useful tips we can provide are to keep track of your screws because they can be easily misplaced, and to take your time while reassembling the Unibody. Nobody appreciates putting everything back twice because of a small cable that was left disconnected.

Upgrading MacBook Pro to have a backlit keyboard

We will be making a set of take-apart guides for the MacBook Unibody in the near future. Although it’s not a substitute for our very-detailed guides, you can use the MacBook Unibody First Look to get a general understanding of how to go about replacing the upper case.

Please comment on your experience with this upgrade — we would love to hear from you! Keep on tinkering!