Press and hold the Sleep/Wake Button (Power Button) for about 4 or 5 Seconds.
  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake Button (Power Button) for about 4 or 5 Seconds.

  • The Slide to Power off

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If you have not removed the display assembly view my first 12 steps in my screen replacement guide (iPod touch 6) for steps to remove the display assembly (Click here to go)

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  • Remove the covering over the battery by applying heat

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  • There is a piece of tape over the battery connectors

  • Remove tape over battery connectors using a pair of tweezers.

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  • In this step we will desolderer the battery from the logic broad.

  • I recommend using a desolder tool, you can buy one here Desoldering Braid (

  • Apply Desolder paste or Braid to the 3 strips of solder

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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If you take too long desoldering the old battery or soldering the new one in, you might fry the chips on the other side of the board which can, at least in my case, damage the display in multiple ways, somehow.

anyway, refrain from extended contact with soldering iron.

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PRO TIP: ad a little bit of flux to all 3 pads. Then ad some solder to your soldering iron tip and build up the solder on the 3 contacts. Be careful to not damage the flex cable/ board by letting your soldering iron stay on the pads for too long (2-3 seconds each). My iron temp is set at 350F. Once that is complete, set your hot air gun on 350F and speed about half. Slowly wedge a spudger between the board and the battery flex. DO NOT PRY. You will damage the pads. Just let it sit there and hang out while you apply hot air, the soldier you added will liquify and the battery flex cable will pull itself up. When that occurs, you can remove the battery connector and replace with a new one. Make sure to ad a bit of flux to the pads on the board for attachment. For re-attachment: line up the 3 pads and use your soldering iron to put them down. Gently press down on the gold pad of the flex cable, and you will see the solder from the board liquify and come though the 2 holes. Repeat for the next 2 and YOUR DONE!

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