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iMac G4 Screen Replacement

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  1. iMac G4 Screen Replacement, LCD: step 1, image 1 of 1
    • Position the computer so that all three screws on the underside of the display are accessible. This may be upright or laid flat with the screen face down on a soft surface.

    • Be careful not to put any stress on the metal arm connecting the base to the display.

  2. iMac G4 Screen Replacement: step 2, image 1 of 1
    • Unscrew the three underside 1.5 mm hex screws with the tight fitting, hexagonal screw head.

    • Be careful not to lose the screws as they will fall out when unscrewed completely.

  3. iMac G4 Screen Replacement: step 3, image 1 of 1
    • Separate the front panel of display from base by firmly, but carefully, applying pressure upward. As a result, the two panels should slide apart.

    • This may be difficult and require more force than expected, but they will disassemble.

    • Once you feel the front panel beginning to slide upward, be careful not to separate the two sections more than a couple of inches. The two sections are connected by several cords that can easily break.

  4. iMac G4 Screen Replacement: step 4, image 1 of 1
    • While the cords are still connected, access the inter-workings of the display from the top.

    • The red circle indicates the LED cable.

    • The blue circle indicates the inverter cable.

    • The yellow circle indicates TMDS connector.

  5. iMac G4 Screen Replacement: step 5, image 1 of 1
    • Disconnect the inverter cable by grasping the chords on each side of the white connection and gently pull your hands away from each other.

    • There may be a strip of clear yellow tape over white connection. Gently remove it.

  6. iMac G4 Screen Replacement: step 6, image 1 of 1
    • The next cord to unplug between the two panels of the display is the inverter cable. This will be located under the inverter closer to the bottom of the screen and will have only two cables connecting at a smaller white connection.

    • Go ahead and remove the yellow tape if it covers this connection.

    • Like the inverter cable, grasp each side of the white connection and gently unplug the inverter cable.

  7. iMac G4 Screen Replacement: step 7, image 1 of 2 iMac G4 Screen Replacement: step 7, image 2 of 2
    • The third, and final, cable you will need to unplug is the TMDS connector. This is located under a rectangular strip of black tape that has a gray and black cord coming out of one end.

    • Peel back the black tape, starting at the end with the cords protruding out.

    • Under the black tape, you will see the gray and black cords going into a connection that looks like it is wrapped in aluminum foil. Grasp that connection and pull carefully in the downward direction toward the bottom of the display.

  8. iMac G4 Screen Replacement: step 8, image 1 of 2 iMac G4 Screen Replacement: step 8, image 2 of 2
    • Now that you have unplugged all of the cables, you can lay the front panel of the display face down on a soft surface.

    • Next, you will unscrew the four 5 mm T-10 screws located at the corners of the display.

  9. iMac G4 Screen Replacement: step 9, image 1 of 1
    • Once the four screws are removed, the display is ready to be removed and the inverter is accessible.

  10. iMac G4 Screen Replacement, Screen: step 10, image 1 of 1
    • Remove old display from frame and place new displace with same exact orientation as the old.

    • Before you place the new display in the frame, you will need to install the new display shield and EMI gasket that are included with the new LCD panel. Directions for completing these tasks will be included with your new display.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I unscrewed the the four 5 mm T-10 but the screen is still not detaching. What am I doing wrong?

Allie - Reply

Same here. The screen will not come off.

aldofceez - Reply

The instructions say that I can buy a replacement monitor here, but I can’t find in on this site.

Erik Radock - Reply

Note; on my iMac G4, I need to remove all screws around the bezel with the exception of the 2 Side Center screws which are holding up the backlit LEDs. Slightly different than your tutorial however this was an excellent tutorial. Just replaced the screen for my daughter all she needs to do is remember her passwords

B Silver - Reply

Step 3 should have an arrow to show where to slide. The current photo is misleading.

In fact, the LCD is inside a cast frame, the cast frame is permanently attached with the transparent frame. Then the cast frame is locked to the back metal shield of the monitor with sided-“H“ hooks. The correct procedure should be: 1. unscrew three screws at the bottom of the monitor. 2. hold the transparent, slide it against the back cover upwards, ~3mm, then the LCD + transparent frame + cast frame together can be separated from the back of the monitor.

Another trick is unscrewing the center screw last, then pushing the screw back, the LCD combo will slide upwards.

Hao Li - Reply

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