This replacement requires you to open bObi Pet, remove the bumper, and then replace the dock sensor. It may have similar steps to other replacements, but it is not the same repair.

  1. Before we get started,  turn bObi Pet OFF and flip her over onto a flat surface.
    • Before we get started, turn bObi Pet OFF and flip her over onto a flat surface.

    • Next, remove bObi Pet's dustbin. Grip the small tab on the back of the bin, and pull to remove.

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  2. Grip the front wheel and pull straight up, using the screwdriver for leverage.
    • Grip the front wheel and pull straight up, using the screwdriver for leverage.

    • The wheel will pop out and you will see two screws beneath it.

    • There is a larger screw set deeper in the wheel compartment. Use the screwdriver to remove it.

    • Remember to keep all screws and parts removed from bObi Pet safely aside during the repair. They may be needed for re-assembly.

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    • Remove the screws on both sides of bObi Pet’s dustbin. Then, remove the corner pieces that were held down by the screws.

    • Grip the brush compartment and pull down to reveal two screws on a red fastener.

    • Remove them with the screwdriver.

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    • Pull the brush compartment up until the fastener is freed from bObi Pet. Then, detach the brush compartment's circuit plug and set it aside.

    • Remove the 4 screws located beneath the brush compartment.

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    • Remove the 2 screws on the dustbin’s red fastener.

    • Remove the fastener and set it aside for reassembly.

    • The cover is no longer secured, so carefully flip bObi Pet onto her wheels.

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    • Lift the cover to reveal the main board underneath.

    • Remove the two circuit plugs connecting the lid to the mainboard.

    • bObi Pet's cover is entirely separated, and you may now access any of her internal parts for replacement.

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    • Flip bObi Pet’s cover over onto a flat surface so that you see 2 green circuit boards positioned at the top.

    • There are 8 circuit plugs that you will need to remove. Leave the smallest circuit plug at the top in place, and do not remove it.

    • If there is any glue holding down the other wires, you may scrape it off using a tool such as a screwdriver.

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    • This step is optional because removing the wire makes removing the dock sensor easier. You may leave the hook on as long as the yellow wire is unplugged from the circuit board.

    • Remove the hook holding the yellow circuit plug against the lid. Keep the small hook and all screws safely aside for later reassembly.

    • Depending on your model, bObi Pet may have one of two hooks holding the yellow wire. In this case, remove and keep both aside for reassembly.

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    • Next, remove the 4 screws connecting the bumper to bObi Pet’s lid.

    • You may nudge two of the oblong wall sensors out of their spot on bObi Pet to make room for your screwdriver. Be sure to replace them when done.

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    • On the left and right sides of the bumper are bObi Pet’s sensor strips. They connect to the circuit board by red and white wires.

    • If the sensor strips are glued to the inside of the cover, use a tool like a screwdriver to break off the glue.

    • Then, lift the whole bumper up and put it aside while repairing the dock sensor.

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    • Remove the dock sensor from the circuit board. Grip the small white tab on the side and pull up.

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    • Remove the three screws from the circuit board on bObi Pet's cover.

    • Lift the circuit board out.

    • Lift bObi Pet slightly as you place the new circuit board so it can lie flat.

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    • Make sure it lines up with the three screw posts inside bObi Pet and lies down flat against the lid.

    • Then install the 3 screws.

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    • Attach the new dock sensor to the circuit board.

    • Then lay the bulb end down in the small space on bObi Pet's cover.

    • Then line up the bumper up with the screw posts on the lid.

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    • Make sure the sensor strips slide in behind the screw posts on both ends of the bumper as you align it on bObi Pet.

    • Once the bumper is positioned on the lid, reinstall the 4 screws around the inside of the bumper.

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    • Once again, you may nudge 2 of the oblong wall sensors out to allow room for your screwdriver and then replace them when done.

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    • Next, you’ll need to replace the plastic hook removed previously. Place the yellow wire through it, and line the hook up with the screw post on the cover.

    • When aligned, install the screw on the hook. Then, attach the thick yellow wire to the lower edge of the circuit board.

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    • Continue reconnecting all circuit plugs.

    • In the middle of bObi Pet’s bumper is a circuit plug for one of the 5 wall sensors. Plug this one in at the topmost spot.

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    • The rows on each side of the cover circuit board follow the same pattern for installation.

    • The left side of the circuit board has 3 spaces: The top space corresponds to the wall sensor with the shortest wire and no tab on the circuit plug.

    • Just below that is where the leftmost wall sensor plugs in. It has a longer wire and a small white tab on its circuit plug.

    • The space on the very bottom is for bObi Pet’s sensor strips. They have red and white wires.

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    • Repeat the previous process for the circuit plugs on the right and double check that all connections are secure.

    • Make sure the the red and white wires are tucked behind the screw posts at the ends of the bumper.

    • Make sure all the wires are tucked behind the black hooks lining the inside of the bumper before closing bObi Pet.

    • For assistance on reassembly, see: Assemble bObi Pet Post-Repair

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When finished, see the guide on closing bObi Pet to completely put the cover together: Assemble bObi Pet Post-Repair


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