in this guide we will replace a broken lcd cable.

we will also see how to open the laptop , so you can replace other parts..

if you want to replace a broken screen , start at step 17 -18

first remove the battery
  • first remove the battery

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remove the big cover , removing 3 screws
  • remove the big cover , removing 3 screws

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  • now , remove the DVD player by removing 1 screw.

  • keep track of the screws, make a map and tape the screws to your map..

  • Use a spudger to remove the dvd player.

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  • remove the RAM

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  • remove the HDD bay and screws. ( 2 in my case..)

  • after removing the 2 black screws slide the HDD out.

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  • now we will remove the screws from the case.

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  • other screws from the case..

  • there are also 3 small screws hidden under the dvd bay. if you remove the dvd bay ( like in step before) you will see the 3 small screws. i don't have a picture of it.

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  • now turn the laptop again and use a spudger te remove the upper case with the keyboard attached to it.

  • while removing : be carefull for the keyboard and touchpad connectors and ribbon cables...

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  • remove the ribbon cables from the connector on the main board.

  • use a flat head screwdriver or a small plastic spudger to lift the small plastic lever from the connector upwards.

  • slide the cables away from the connector when te lever is "open" , and close the small lever again.

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  • after removing the upper case ( holding the keyboard) you will see the main board ...

  • if you want to replace the keyboard : the keyboard is attached to the upper case , remove the screws from the metal frame and remove the old keyboard. always be carefull with the ribbon cable..

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  • now we will loosen the cable's from the main board.

  • remove the DC jack cable connected to the connector on the main board.

  • Be careful when you do this, it is a very weak plastic connector ! i recommend using a small flathead screwdriver or a plastic spudger...

  • in the picture you see me using a IC axtractor, but i don't recommend it when you are not used to repair laptops...

  • when you are dealing with an broken DC jack , remove the whole cable ( black and red) running trough the plastic frame of the laptop...

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  • remvinf the LCD cable from the connector , use a IC extractor , be very gently doing this.. when you break or tear it , you will have screen problems...

  • remove the small connector next to the big lcd connector, it is the web cam connector.

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  • remove the white big flat ribbon cable attached to the USB ( on the right) PCB.

  • again be careful and use a flat head screwdriver or a spudger to lift up the lever..

  • remove the audio cable from the connector , be careful if you tear the cables , you will have audio problems and there is a possibility that you will have BSOD ( blue screen of death) ...

  • remove the FAN cable from the connector , be very carefull because it are very tiny and breakeble cables...

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  • remove the 3 screws seen in picture 1

  • remove 1 screw on the left side from the LCD connector.

  • after that, you can slide the main board out. ( lift it up on the right side, then slide to the right and take it out. )

  • when you want to remove the fan as well ( or replace it) you have to remove 3 screws, see picture 3

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  • after removing the main board you have a view of the henges from the screen.

  • in picture 2 you will see the main board. , you can clean and or replace the CPU now.

  • to replace a cpu or clean the pads you will have to remove the screws seen in picture 3 .

  • clean the pads with isopropyl alcohol and always renew the CPU thermal paste . ( one drop on each spot is enough)

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  • remove the 3 screws on each hinge

  • on the right hinge there is a metal hook attached on the hinge. this is attached to the bottom case .. just move the screen to release it.

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  • remove the black square rubber to reveal the hidden screws.

  • there are 2 screws one on the bottom left and one on the bottom right.

  • after removing the scrws you can slide a spudger or opening tool arround the plastic frame.

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  • once the plastic frame is removed , you can replace the screen , the LCD cable..

  • i don't have pictures anymore when i was removing the screen .. my apologies for that. but you can follow other guides to do that , cause it is all the same...

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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