Replacing the screen and LCD is a complete tear down...

  1. To start, it is needed to remove the SIM tray. You will find 2 (two) small Phillips screws. Make sure to understand that opening the orange one will void the warranty.
    • To start, it is needed to remove the SIM tray. You will find 2 (two) small Phillips screws. Make sure to understand that opening the orange one will void the warranty.

    Is it possible to renew the digitizer glass without removing the lcd unit?

    Abdullah Ince - Reply

    not with domestic tools

    Marcel Robert -

  2. Using the guitar pick, unclip the back cover. Quite difficult on newer model, use more than one pick.
    • Using the guitar pick, unclip the back cover. Quite difficult on newer model, use more than one pick.

    • Easier way to go in is to slide in between volume and power button. This is the softest part of the back cover. The first clip is just a bit further up to the volume + button. So gently lift up to release the first one. You will maybe break one or two bigger clips. But it will clip back just fine with the smaller clips.

    • Otherwise, buy a replacement back cover before. Use guitar pick push the cover away from the frame to avoid breaking bigger clips while closing back.

    • Unclip both upper and lower part to get lower part easily out. Check out the back cover photo to identify the clip position.

    The guitar clip was not enough to take out the clip. Please suggest a better way

    Hariprasad - Reply

    It is enough, but you need not to fear to go in and move the clic from the phone to out.

    It will gently open

    Marcel Robert - Reply

    where to buy a screen for mi 3?

    dettiedette - Reply

    Please check message on your first question

    Marcel Robert -

    i want display of mi ce0700

    Bhuvan Patel - Reply

    • At this point, we could try to take the battery out removing the NFC sticker antenna. It will surely destroy the antenna. That is why it is recommended to remove the battery and the NFC antenna together at once. Also because you did not notice the battery ribbon clip that is also hidden under this cover.

    • Open the eight (8) Phillips screws to remove the plastic cover of the motherboard. I recommend not touching the golden ribbons there. These screws also hold the motherboard. Two screws underneath will secure it, so have no fear at this point. The upper right screw is covered with a Mi logo on new model and it is not easy to access...

    • Beware! The NFC is glued to the cover. So do not pull the cover forcefully. It will come easily at the next step.

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    • Lifting gently the cover no more than 90°, unclip the battery ribbon.

    • Let the cover go down over the motherboard without clipping it again.

    • Release now the battery and the plastic cover will come along.

    The battery was not coming out after unclipping the ribbon. Its like it is stuck to something.Please help

    Hariprasad - Reply

    Hello, it glued underneath so pull gently the "battery removal" plastic to extract it. Once it is a little out you may help with guitar plug.

    Marcel Robert - Reply

    I found out that old credit card is doing the job even better.

    Marcel Robert -

    • Let's unclip screen ribbon then dock ribbon. Finally the antenna clip.

    Nice keep it up

    krishna - Reply

    Please can you take HD picture of the motherboard circuit and send it to my E-mail : or post it in here. It will be of great help. Thank you.

    Avishek Kumar -

    I was very careful removing the Bluetooth antenna connector, but the motherboard side of the connector separated from the motherboard and destroyed the connector, with the tiny motherboard piece of the connector still attached to the antenna connector, perhaps the solder was weak there, not sure. Please be careful! I will try to glue it, but I will probably need a new motherboard.

    David Ricketts - Reply

    I am sorry this happened to you. I have no solution to provide.

    Good luck

    Marcel Robert -

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • Unclip the upper screen ribbon. Then, unclip the jack ribbon.

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    • Unscrew the two (2) last Phillips screws that hold the motherboard. One is next to the black circle (vibrator) and one is next to the camera.

    • Super gently lift up the motherboard as the volume and power ribbon is clipped underneath. Lift it from the vibrator area so you may access to the clip. If the factory glue is correct enough, it will unclip by lifting the motherboard. JUST BE CAREFUL or buy a volume power with your screen.

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    • Remove the vibrator by lifting it up with a plastic tool. It is only attached with double-sided tape.

    • Remove the screw hidden between the jack and upper screen ribbon. This holds the proximity sensor and jack ribbon. That you can take gently away (don't break it).

    • Take the speaker out. This is easy.

    Can you please add better picture for removing speaker.

    Hariprasad - Reply

    There is two ways : return the frame upside down... It will fall. Otherwise, just use à metal piece (knife, cutter, flat screw driver and the speaker will be extracted by its magnetic field

    Marcel Robert - Reply

    I just finished replacing the LCD, everything works perfect except the proximity sensor. I installed sensor kinetics app and it shows sensor is there but it is not active. I fixed it properly but don't know why it is not working.

    Fizspace - Reply

    • Three (3) small screws quite visible are to be removed.

    • Use mediator on the upper left dock to unclip it from up to down. Voilà...

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    • The antenna wire has to be unclipped.

    • By pulling slowly the wire just unclip, you will take out the plastic rubber that keeps the wire in place. Take them away both.

    • Be very careful not to damage the wire in order to avoid "No service" case.

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    • After some comments and a new action on the Mi 3, I discovered that some of you may have not correctly clipped back the antenna wire (step 5.3 and 10) or damaged the wire. These are the only "material" reasons for the no service.

    • If correctly clipped, try to order a new antenna wire. If still no service, then it is a software issue.

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    • The lower ribbon is in one piece. Remove it very carefully with plastic tools to prevent cuts. On newer phone, the glue is strong, so take your time...

    • Finish by the USB dock helped by the rest of the wire to lift it with a plastic tool.

    • If you bought volume ribbon, you are done. Otherwise, take it away with a cutter blade from the top of the phone.

    theres a lot of silver glue tape below the ribbon that wont come off after I have removed the ribbon. Any advice on how to get it off?

    Robert Terlevic - Reply

    Wow, that is surprising. I would lift it up veeeery carfully with a tool like i used in step 12.

    If not coming off i would leave it there and remote that same glue from the frame and use a small amount of contact glue

    Marcel Robert - Reply

    hello you suggested to buy screen from can you please suggest some other trusted supplier? thank you in anticipation

    JAYESH - Reply

    you can try this

    bonbon321 -

    Dear bonbon321,

    I do not think that etradesupply is doing it because you will not get frame assembly but just lcd. Gluing lcd to the frame is an verrrrry hard chalenge and much more work.

    I do not know other site.

    Marcel Robert - Reply

    • As promised, this is an extra step for the sound and On/off ribbon. Be sure to get a very slim blade to take it off (not so sharp to avoid cutting the ribbon).

    • Of course, be sure to slide it in running along the metal (black). Otherwise, the blade will separate the buttons from the ribbon.

    • Lift it up gently to get the connector of the ribbon out. If you fold the ribbon in this operation, it will not work correctly. It is best to order one with the touch screen (2 US $ more or less).

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order. BE SURE to buy a replacement touchscreen + LCD + Frame + stickers included at once. Disassembling the touchscreen only is super difficult.

It is recommended to buy volume power button at once because it is very cheap and easily damaged.

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After replacing,why only menu light can't light up but still usable,may i know where go wrong?

Robi Goh - Reply

this is more a defective led from the manufacturer. Complain to get a discount or partial refund.

Marcel Robert -

After replacing the screen, my phone only shows either Mi logo or the battery charging status when plugged in. The phone doesn't switch on. What should I check?

Gaurav Narang - Reply

Hey there I have the exact problem. After I replace the screen and follow the instruction I only see the mi logo or charging battery. Did you find any solution?

Avi -

Hi Gaurav,

Seems the screen is working... Well something else migth have been broken when the screen was broken... You migth try enter recover mode by pressing + volume after trynig to turn on. This would allow you to restore the miui système from scratch. Well sorry for your datas... But this will probably will get back your phone to life. Check forums on about this.

Marcel Robert -

where to buy a screen for mi3?

dettiedette - Reply

Dear dettiedette,

Thank for your question. I would advice to buy from Please make sure to buy a Full assembly touchscreen+lcd+frame and + double sided tape (in blue on photos). Create discussion with seller before buying if needed as this site garanties money back. If you are not very confident, i suggest also to buy a volume and power flex at once because it is easely damaged.

I do not support any vendor or this site so i will not send any link.

Good luck.


Marcel Robert -

One more time I would like to thank you for the guide. I tried it also but for me the phone is not reading the sime card. Obviously something I did bad, do you have any idea what could have been? The speaker is also not working, but the importand thing is the sim reader.

Let me know if you have any advice.



Etien - Reply

Dean Etien,

Thank you for your message.

About you SIM card reader, as far it is soldered on the motherboard there is two options : hard or soft.

Hardware : you probably messed up the six connectors while taking out the sim and sim tray that resisted a little ? All 6 must be very aligned as you see on photo on step 8. Be veeeery carefull while moving those metal pins. They breake easely. I am not good enough at soldering to replace the sim reader but if you are, buy the piece at Aliexpress.

Software : makesure you EIMEI is present in your system. If not follow EIMEI restoration process from forum. Hoping that you saved EIMEI.

If those two are OK, i have no more clue...

For you speaker, make sure you placed correctly as shown in step 8. If ok and not working, the speaker migth have been dammaged. Please order a new one, cheap on Aliexpress or similar site. The contact is assured by setting the motherboard on the top. There is no reason of not succeding except if you upside down the contacts.


Marcel Robert -

Hi, I have replaced the LCD + touch screen, and tested it (when the covers were still off) it worked fine. Then i put back the covers and the touch screen stopped functioning. the pjone gets switched on, volume buttons and power button works, but the touch is not working. i disassembled and assembled it twice but the touch screen is not working. Is there anything that blew up ? may be i connected / disconnected the connectors when battery was still connected and the phone was on.

i am frustrated, pls help.



anisji - Reply

by the way thanks for the wonderful and thorough guide.

anisji -

Dear Anisji,

Thank you for your message. You may check if ribbon at step 6 is correctly clipped. I am affraid that the lcd+touchscreen is defective. You should never keep the phone on while manipulating especialy when clipping unclipping the backcover because of the force on the frame. I would advice to complain to the seller of the part to negociate a working one. I did not get if you bougth the frame with ldc. If not, you might have being bending those ribbons just a bit too much while going through the frame. Cliping the phone may have finished to break those ribbons. In that case, your fault. Buy a new complete assembly, not just the lcd and touch. That is why i wrote at the end of the guide that changing only lcd and touch is super difficult.

Hope this will help you out

Marcel Robert -

Hi! I managed to change my screen based on another tutorial. I found this one later because i'm having some trouble. with my phone. From your tutorial I know what I did wrong, that is step 3, In did not pull at about 90 degrees the case to remove the battery and the antenna, when i was working on the phone i left one of the phillips screwdriver on the lover dock and i saw that it magnetized with it and when i tried to remove the lover band, that came out very hard, i accidentally pulled up a piece of the band, at the charge port, from the metallic part that was underneath it.

Now from the tests I've done, it seems that everything is working, only the signal and the speaker don't.

It recognizes the SIM, but it says Emergency calls only at the signal bar. I checked the antenna wire to be clipped ok on the board and on the lower band, and It is ok.

Alexandru Mihai Pop - Reply

hey Alexandru,

Did you find the solution to your speaker problem? I am facing the same issue. when replacing the LCD display, my lower charge port thing was not comming out of the main body. I tried hard and in that process I lifted or say little detached the mettalic part underneeth the charging port. I thought that metallic thing is a part of main body. The metal is still with ribbon assembly only. not detached. But my speaker is not working. It gives very faint sound though. What can be the reason. Speaker is ok I guess as it was working well before replacement.

can you or anyone share there experience regarding this.

Rupesh Rupak -

I also have a small piece of black rubber that I Can't figure from where it is and a small part like a cip, that I think fell from somewhere, but I checked the board and doesn't seem to be missing anything like that.

Please help!

Alexandru Mihai Pop - Reply

Dear Alexandru,

Step 3 matters for NFC antenna only used to Near Field applications. Nothing to do with gsm/3g antenna. The lowerband you broke is much more the origin of signal problems. I advise you to change the lower ribon. You must find one at aliexpress.

Considering your speaker, you may be reversed it check step 8 last photo to see the rigth position gold contact facing motherboard. There Is no reason else but damaged speaker easy to replace.

Considering the emergecy signal, this is to me, because of error reading the sim. Hope you did not broke any of the 6 metal contact. Antena trouble should display "no service" not emergecy call. I read on mi official forum that some people lost their eimei number. As a result, the phone cannot register on the network. You must have saved your eimei updating your system. Check if it Is not missing in your phone prefs.

I cannot help out of hardware.

Good Luck in finding eimei restore. If so write here the solution for the rest of us.

Marcel Robert -

My phone had fallen and TouchPad was broken so I replaced the screen following this tutorial. Thanks it was quite useful!

Now I have 2 problems. Don't know if because of the fall or I made a mistake.

Earphone: get only sound for right side. Works fine with a Bluetooth one.

Sensors: seems don't work anymore. Phone doesn't detect rotation and shaking.

Damien - Reply

Hi Damien,

I am so happy that this guide helped you out.

About the headphone, please double check connection pins ont the reverse of upper cache (photo 2 of step 4). You might have moved them a little. You must make sure that the contact is perfect to the mother board. As seen on the photo 6, there is little spots for the contacts to fit in. That should do it. If needed a little clean of the motherboard might be an idea.

Sensors are on the motherboard, as far as i know. I suggest you to download sensor log app or equivalent to check the sensors. They might be deactivated in MIUI. You may update to 7.1

Marcel Robert -

I am facing an issue. when replacing the LCD display, my lower charge port assembly was not coming out of the main body. I tried hard and in that process I lifted or say little detached the metalic part underneath the charging port. I thought that metallic thing is a part of main body. The metal is still with ribbon assembly firmly. not detached. But my loud speaker is not working. It gives very faint sound though. What can be the reason. Speaker is ok I guess as it was working well before replacement.

can you or anyone share there experience regarding this.

Rupesh Rupak - Reply

Ada yg tau letak driver lampu pada xiomi mi3?

nico25n2 - Reply

Dimana letak driver lampu pada xiaomi mi3?

nico25n2 - Reply

Untung saya bisa bahasa sedikit... Kalau saya mengerti yang benar : anda mau tau dimana locasi driver lampu di dalam systemnya. sorry, Kurang tau systemnya tolong tulis di forum.

This is a hardware explanation only. I do not know how to identify this driver and its place in the system. This is a question for mi forum, my friend.

Marcel Robert -

how much will it cost if I get it done from a service center?


pranita kurude - Reply

how much would it cost in a service enter?

pranita kurude - Reply

Sorry, no idea.

Marcel Robert -

Hello Sir, I had got my Mi3W screen broken, thanks to your guide I replaced it successfully. The touch and LED are working fine. But Sir, my device shows no service. I tried installing custom roms, everything. But it still shows No Service. The sim card has been detected but no service

Danish Shakeel - Reply

Dear Danish Shaklee,

as I told Etien, make sure you EIMEI is present in your system. If not, follow EIMEI restoration process from forum. Hoping that you saved EIMEI. Otherwise, it will be quite complex because without EIMEI your service provider cannot identify your phone on the network (will not be able to register your phone from one antenna to another) and send you "no service" message. May be some one at forum will share EIMEI from other seas...

Good luck

Marcel Robert -

A while back I got screen of my MI3 replaced since then the proximity sensor has been acting up. Sometimes keeping the screen off even when there is nothing in front of sensor, and then yesterday it fell from about a feet height and now the screen remain off during the call no matter what i do.I was curious if the sensor is independently replaceable ?

Nitin Nigam - Reply

Good news, you may change this part, attached on the jack ribbon as showed on step 8.

You may check sound in jack to make sure the ribbon is not unclipped

Good luck

Marcel Robert -

The SIM card in my Mi3 cannot be read as the board got damaged (my niece put in the pin while I was changing the SIM card) and it costs as much as the phone to have it replaced. I also have an Mi4i with a cracked screen which is again very expensive. Is there anyway I can replace the Mi4i screen with the Mi3's screen?

Rohith Kutty - Reply

hello sir can post xiaomi mi3 complete circuit. i have problem in touch connector some circuit broken near connector so i want touch connector ways. my email id is

anand kulshrestha - Reply

Hello! Thanks for great guide. I managed to change the screen, everything was fine, but then I tried to change color setting and suddenly lines appeared on the screen and then went blank. I suspect it is SW problem because, when restarting phone or when in TWRP, the screen works just fine. Any ideas?

jklepek - Reply

Hello! Thanks for great guide, everything was working fine, but after trying to set warmer colors, the display blinked with color lines and then went blank. It works though, because when in TWRP or booting system, it works just fine, so I suspect it has something to do with software, do you have any ideas?

jklepek - Reply

Sir mere mi3 phone me lcd light nhi aa rhi h or maine new lcd lga k bhi dekh liya h nhi aa rhi h light , ky kre maine lcd power supply ki ic bhi nikal liya h

kumarsunil129460 - Reply

Hi Marcel,

Thank you for this great guide. However, I have a few question before starting.

You recommend buying "a replacement touchscreen + LCD + Frame + stickers included" but I'm not sure what you mean by "stickers included". Would you mind telling me more about this? Would you mind giving your opinion on this package?

Moreover, my device is quite old and the external case is broken in a few corner and also around the "speaker grid", do you think this could be a problem during the teardown?

Last but not least, do you think it should be best to order a lower ribbon as well?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Kind Regards,


Chopinou - Reply

Dear Simon,

Better go for (example). You will see on the picture that there are blue plastic spots that are double side 3m glue (stikers) for all the parts you will have to set back such as vibrator. You remove the blue cover before putting your parts in place. You will also see that yours come with screen to be assembled (that is a pain to do). Yours is not at a lower price too for this risk.

For your rear cover, i would replace it because really not expensive : (example). Finaly, if you are scared with ribbons that you migth damage during tear down, buy power and lower ribon (not expensive as well).

Good shoping. You will get a brand new mi3 after this operation.

Marcel Robert -

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