Bumpers can become loose over time and not function properly. This guide will show you how to remove the faceplate to be able to access the bumpers.

Remove battery pack cover.
  • Remove battery pack cover.

  • Remove batteries.

  • Carefully remove sticker or puncture where you feel the screw.

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Remove the side handles by wedging the spudger in between the front and side panels.
  • Remove the side handles by wedging the spudger in between the front and side panels.

  • Pry the side panel by moving the spudger back and forth. You must do this along the entire seam to remove the side handle panel.

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  • Removing the side handles allows access to remove the faceplate.

  • Remove five TR9 Torx screws.

you must also remove the T8 screw hidden under the label in the battery compartment to free the faceplate.

Dennis Kim - Reply

Precised by Dennis Kim, but to remove the screws you need a TORX TR8 screwdriver (I guess it’s a Torx size 8)

James Burton - Reply

  • Now that the bumpers are easily visible make sure to clean any dirt or grime that may be around the bumpers.

  • The bumpers are connected by a middle plastic cover that is around the Xbox button. Remove this plastic piece to fully reveal the bumpers.

    • Be aware of the sync button loosely placed under the plastic covering. Ensure it is put back before putting back the bumper/plastic cover assembly. (pictured in picture 3)

  • Remove the current bumper assembly by pulling them off the plastic cover. Put on the new bumpers and reassemble that section.

you forgot to include directions for removing the central cover.

Dennis Kim - Reply

And when you do, the connect button pops out, and now I have no clue how to put it back -_-

Roel Binnendijk - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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the bumpers take some finesse to remove, so be patient

Vincent - Reply

You should add a security hex screwdriver to your tools list, along with the gauge that is required.

Travis Weston - Reply

There is a fifth screw in the battery compartment that holds the faceplate on. Take an exacto knife and cut out sticker where the hole is.

Scott Williams - Reply

Could you elaborate on the “remove the bumpers” part (last step) please, thank you.

r.d.huijsmans - Reply

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