The power block's connector to the motherboard is difficult to disconnect by hand initially. While unnecessary, we highly recommend removing the motherboard from the silver casing first to access the power block's connector.

  1. Flip the Xbox One S so that the bottom of the case is facing upward.
    • Flip the Xbox One S so that the bottom of the case is facing upward.

  2. Insert the plastic opening tool into the  gap between the bottom of the case and the grated top side. Then find the clips in between that hold the case in place.
    • Insert the plastic opening tool into the gap between the bottom of the case and the grated top side. Then find the clips in between that hold the case in place.

    • Use the opening tool to pop the clips out. The best method is to pry the black case away from the bottom.

    • You will hear clicking sounds when you are prying the case open. It may be fairly difficult to remove the bottom.

    • It's possible that the clips may break when you remove the bottom from the case.

    • We recommend starting at one corner and sliding the prying tool along the edges of the Xbox One S. Once the first few clips are opened you can lift the cover up to find the remaining clips.

    • Once all of the clips are opened, remove the bottom part of the case.

    • Find all of the green screws on the metal case labeled F1 through F6.

    • Take the T10 Torx screwdriver and remove the six 50 mm long screws.

    • The port cover is held in place with rivets. Insert a pry tool gently between the top cover and metal casing on both sides to prepare the cover for removal.

    • Gently separate the interior case from the white exterior case using the appropriate method.

    • To replace the hard drive, remove the two 10 mm T-10 Torx screws, C3 and C4, from the backside of the Xbox One S.

    • Gently disconnect the hard drive from the motherboard (at the two plastic connector bodies).

    • To remove the optical disc drive, remove the silver 10 mm T-10 Torx screw labeled "C5."

    • Pull the disc drive slightly off the motherboard and disconnect the plastic connectors from the motherboard.

    • To replace the motherboard you must remove the three silver 10 mm T-10 Torx screws labelled "C1," "C2," and "C6."

    • Remove the four black 8 mm T-9 Torx screws lablelled "A1," "A2," "A3," and "A4."

    • Locate the rectangular silver clamp on the opposite corner of the power block.

    • Grab the clamp with the tweezers. Pull the clamp upward, away from the silver casing. Jiggle it back and forth like a tooth if necessary.

    • It's okay to apply a little bit of force here to get the clamp off the silver casing. The metal is bendable and can be bent/clamped back on.

    • Now that the clamp is removed, gently lift the motherboard from its edges out from the metal casing. The motherboard should come out with ease.

    • Gently lift the power block off the motherboard

    • Locate the black connector that joins the power block to the motherboard.

    • The protruding rectangular part of the plastic connector, shown by the orange marker, is a locking tab.

    • Grab the connector as shown, pinch the small black locking tab, and pull firmly upward to detach the power block from the motherboard .


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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So my Xbox One S isn’t turning on at all. No light, nothing. I went to take it apart and I plugged it in just to see if it would boot out of the blue. I turned it on and nothing happened but I can hear a faint clicking sound from the power supply. Does that mean, the power supply has gone bad, and I’ll need to replace it?

Jabran Shakil - Reply

yes because this xbox one s internal power supply is a fail.. look at there newer model the “xbox one x “ the internal powersupply of it has air ventilation coming from the upgraded version of the fan.

meaning the xbox one s power supply has no proper ventilation no air that blow the exhaust the heat will stuck up inside .. thats why it will not last longer .

the worst is that its design it self .. imagine when you accidentaly pour a water into the fan .. the water will go directly to the cpu and mobo.

that is why they upgrade the “xbox one x“ they copied the design from the ps4 that the air ventilation is on the side panels..

Michael Creech - Reply

My xbox one s stopped working after a power surge from a string of storms. It wont respond, make any noise at all. I figured i would replace the power supply and see if that’s the fix. While i’m waiting for the part to arrive, i’m wondering if there is any other damage that could’ve been done by the surge. Or does the power supply prevent that?

quintalnick - Reply

my one s is working fine all apps are good my network connection is goood its cleaned and maintenanced properly all is working well until i try doing the one thing i bought it for playing games doesnt matter if its disc or downloaded soon as it loads and im ready to play the console crashes to no signal and shuts off

spanky8623 - Reply

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