While the Heatsink and fan are two distinct parts, the process for replacing one or the other is exactly the same as they are attached to each other on the motherboard.

Flip the Xbox One S so that the bottom of the case is facing upward.
  • Flip the Xbox One S so that the bottom of the case is facing upward.

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Insert the plastic opening tool into the  gap between the bottom of the case and the grated top side. Then find the clips in between that hold the case in place.
  • Insert the plastic opening tool into the gap between the bottom of the case and the grated top side. Then find the clips in between that hold the case in place.

  • Use the opening tool to pop the clips out. The best method is to pry the black case away from the bottom.

  • You will hear clicking sounds when you are prying the case open. It may be fairly difficult to remove the bottom.

  • It's possible that the clips may break when you remove the bottom from the case.

  • We recommend starting at one corner and sliding the prying tool along the edges of the Xbox One S. Once the first few clips are opened you can lift the cover up to find the remaining clips.

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  • Once all of the clips are opened, remove the bottom part of the case.

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  • Find all of the green screws on the metal case labeled F1 through F6.

  • Take the T10 Torx screwdriver and remove the six 50 mm long screws.

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  • The port cover is held in place with rivets. Insert a pry tool gently between the top cover and metal casing on both sides to prepare the cover for removal.

Do not remove the back panel from the metal housing by popping loose the “rivets” in Step 5 photo. Those are not rivets, they are melted post-end mounts in which the heads will break off and CAN NOT BE REPLACED by the do-it-yourself repairer (unless you want to try hot gluing the mounts back to the panel, but success is uncertain with this method). While doing my own tear-down following the photo examples, I thought the rear panel was meant to come off due to the photo of it laying next to the body in Step 7. This is inaccurate, and will most likely result in a loose fitting panel upon reassembly. The “rivets” no longer have a means to hold onto the metal body tray they came loose from. So you will have the panel relying on alignment back to the channel the tabs came out of in order to hold it to the back of your machine. Other than this issue, I was able to perform the tear-down without problem.

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  • Gently separate the interior case from the white exterior case using the appropriate method.

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  • To replace the hard drive, remove the two 10 mm T-10 Torx screws, C3 and C4, from the backside of the Xbox One S.

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  • Gently disconnect the hard drive from the motherboard (at the two plastic connector bodies).

Do not disconnect the connector in the second image! There are tiny prongs that bend easily and if bent just a tad bit they will break off. I had first hand experience with this and I ended up breaking my Xbox because I could not put that cable back on.

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  • To remove the optical disc drive, remove the silver 10 mm T-10 Torx screw labeled "C5."

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  • Pull the disc drive slightly off the motherboard and disconnect the plastic connectors from the motherboard.

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  • To replace the motherboard you must remove the three silver 10 mm T-10 Torx screws labelled "C1," "C2," and "C6."

  • Remove the four black 8 mm T-9 Torx screws lablelled "A1," "A2," "A3," and "A4."

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  • Locate the rectangular silver clamp on the opposite corner of the power block.

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  • Grab the clamp with the tweezers. Pull the clamp upward, away from the silver casing. Jiggle it back and forth like a tooth if necessary.

  • It's okay to apply a little bit of force here to get the clamp off the silver casing. The metal is bendable and can be bent/clamped back on.

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  • Now that the clamp is removed, gently lift the motherboard from its edges out from the metal casing. The motherboard should come out with ease.

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  • Flip the motherboard over to the back and find the metal x-shaped bracket.

  • Use a spudger or plastic opening tool to pry the corners of the bracket off the four little green mounts.

    • These photos show a screwdriver being used to lift the bracket corners. Use a spudger or plastic opening tool to prevent damage to the motherboard.

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  • Detach the fan/heatsink from the board by gently pulling up on the plastic white connectors.

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  • Once the heatsink/fan is off the board, use the plastic opening tool to pry the plastic fan off the metal heatsink at the fan's rectangular clips.

  • It may take a bit of force to pry the fan off the heatsink.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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After researching replacement costs through local "fixit" places and Microsoft and cost ranging from $140 to $175 for fan replacement. Decided to take chance on this fan for Xbox one S. Take time taking the bottom black plastic cover off once it gets started its easy. The corner by MS logo has tab that seems a bit thicker and took some doing to get off. Followed this guide did not have to do port removal. Once I got main white case off I just took hard drive and optical drive screws out. Just lifted enough to get to tab holding fan onto heat sink. popped them off and then replaced with this unit. Be aware when putting optical drive and hard drive back in place there are plastic tabs that match to holes on motherboard and let the two units sit down all the way. Also If I recall the hard drive goes in first and then  optical drive. 15 minutes from start to finish. Worked like a champ right off! thanks for the awesome guide!

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