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Xbox One Elite Controller Series 2 Left Joystick Replacement

What you need

Video Instructions


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Does this work for the series 1 elite controller also?

Nicola - Reply

Can we please get some insight to what the silver tape that is put over certain leads?

- What is the silver tape?

- What is the silver tape used for?

- Which leads are the silver tape covering?

- What happens if silver tape is not used?

Noah Adams - Reply

It is called Kapton Tape. It is used to protect components from heat during the rework process. If you don't use it, there is a chance of damaging the components. Even though the damage may not be seen by the naked eye. Hope this helps!

Ken Stopczynski -

It is aluminum tape not kapton tape. It is covering a surface mount component mounted within the area of the pins you have to desolder to remove the analog stick. He is covering it up to protect it from the heat and also to keep it from desoldering and moving while replacing the analog stick.

Damon Rowan -

ma per caso accetti spedizioni, perché anche a me mi si è rotto così

Gabriel Pisciotta - Reply

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