In this guide we will be reviewing how to remove the motherboard from the Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50. The motherboard is essentially the key component of the entire product. This is where the programs/ entire function of the product comes from. Fear not though with our easy to follow guide you'll be able to remove any malfunctioning motherboard in no time.


No parts required.

Push the battery door
  • Push the battery door

  • Open the compartment

  • Gently remove the batteries from their designated positions

  • Place them aside, away from the reach of children

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With caution, insert the plastic opening tools in between the disk and the glass face
  • With caution, insert the plastic opening tools in between the disk and the glass face

  • It's a tight fit, so don't be afraid to apply a little bit of force

  • As soon as you hear a faint crackling sound, that means that the adhesive is budging out of place

  • Gently rotate the plastic spudger around the disk to get around the adhesive

  • Gently lift the metal disk

  • After the disk has been lifted, a wire and a small copper plate can be seen attached to the back of the disk

  • Carefully remove the wire and plate by peeling back the adhesive sticker that has been positioned around them

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  • After all the above steps have been completed, proceed by removing the glass face

  • Carefully insert a plasic spudger in the small gap that exist in between the glass face and the plastic back

  • Run the plastic spudger all around the scale to increase the gap size

  • Place a plastic spudger in every corner, since the feet of the scale are also attached to the glass face using adhesive

  • Carefully insert the metal spudger underneath the adhesive that is located underneath the feet of the scale, and gently keep pushing until the adhesive is out of place

  • Repeat the above steps four times

  • After all the adhesives has been removed, gently lift the glass face off

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  • Using the Phillips-head screwdriver, unscrew the two screws that are securing the motherboard in place

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  • Using a plastic spudger, disconnect the LCD display's ribbon cable from the motherboard.

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  • Once the two screws and the ribbon cable are detached, remove the motherboard.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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