If you phone failed to start, hangs or has other problems with the operating system you can recover / reset / restore it with Windows Device Recovery Tool.

The procedure will erase all content stored on your phone, including apps and games (along with app data and game progress), text messages, call history, music, photos and more!

Make sure your laptop is connected to an AC adapter and the battery is charged, otherwise you can damage your phone!

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  1. This is Microsoft Lumia with Windows Boot Manager error - Windows failed to start.
    • This is Microsoft Lumia with Windows Boot Manager error - Windows failed to start.

    • In the internet find and download the Windows Device Recovery Tool.

    • The tool for the HTC One, HTC 8X, LG Lancet phones and all Lumia phones running Windows Phone 8.0/8.1 or Windows 10.

    • For all other Nokia branded phones use the Nokia Software Recovery Tool.

    • Windows Phone Recovery Tool Page

    I don't think it'd be a good idea to google that.

    Eliapple Techkid - Reply

  2. Install and lunch the application.
    • Install and lunch the application.

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    • Connect your device.

    • If there is no reaction from Windows for a connected new device, restart the phone.

    • Press and hold the Power and Volume down keys simultaneously until the phone vibrates.

    • Wait for your computer to detect the phone and install the drivers.

    • The driver installation can take more time. Be patient and wait for the completion of the installation. The phone may restart during that time. This is normal.

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
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    • The installation failed because the phone restarted during the installation.

    • Restart the phone again.

    • Now, in the device manager you will see "Lumia USB Connectivity". We are ready to start the recovery process.

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    • Select "My device was not detected".

    • Select the device manufacturer.

    • If your phone is not automatically detected restart it again (Volume Down + Power).

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    • Last warning - All data will be erased!

    • Select "install software" to start the download.

    • The file is more than 1GB, so be patient.

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    • The battery must be charged atleast 25%.

    • Make sure your laptop is connected to an AC adapter.

    • The recovery tool will switch the device to flash mode and will start installing software.

    • From this moment on, don't disconnect the device, or you can kill it permanently.

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    • The software package installation can take more time.

    • When the flashing process is over disconnect the phone.

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    • That's all.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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hi I was trying to use the microsoft recovery tools but along the way it was already downloaded I received a message that my phone should be 25% battery and I was asked to continue or not so I cancelled but when I checked my phone i got a error message that the boot manger 2 and i need to click anything to have it shutdown. I think my device ( Nokia 735) was busted because of the battery charging. The message runs this way unable to find a bootable system. click it to shutdown. What does that mean? Thanks i have some problems with my battert charging before I did this recovery of of the program from Windows 8.10 upgrade to Windows 10 then I want to go back to 8. 1 due to some problems on my battery charging. I bought a new one and still it isnt working. I tested all the battery option soft reset factory settings and this is what happened. When you turn on the phone the only thing that comes out was the word nokia but it can no longer open and a blinking white dot at the leftmost part of my unit. Help!!!

Gina - Reply

Not worked with HTC 8S. up to step 6 : Device Info, can’t find the firmware and then come out with new screen : Process finish with failure. because can’t find the firm ware, then no software had been downloaded. Maybe your step only work for LUMIA.

Alte Sanz - Reply

i do same process but not work computer not show drivers

Akram Software House - Reply

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