This guide will help you to replace the LCD display . For this replacement, you will need to use a #00 Phillips screwdriver and a small Triwing (Y) screwdriver.

  1. Place Gamepad face down and remove the two 4.7 mm screws with a Phillips size #0 screwdriver.
    • Place Gamepad face down and remove the two 4.7 mm screws with a Phillips size #0 screwdriver.

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  2. Lift and remove the battery plate.
    • Lift and remove the battery plate.

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    • With your finger, press down and pull back on the battery connector plug.

    • Remove the battery from the battery case.

    Battery lifts up from the bottom not the top like the photo shows.

    Tyler Schommer - Reply

    • Remove 10 9mm screws with Tri-Wing size Y1 screwdriver around the outer case.

    • Lift up on the back of case.

    • Lift gently because the rumble motor in the back of the case is still connected by a cable to the motherboard.

    I used a small blade tip to life up on the black squares that covered the screw holes. Replacing them after.. I skipped that as it seemed impossible they would even stick back down.

    Chris - Reply

    • Unplug outer case rumble motor connector from the motherboard with your fingers.

    Do not pull by the wires! If you do, you better be pretty good at soldering.

    Brandon - Reply

    I agree. A circle over the plug would have been better as the picture looks like you just pull on the wires lol.

    Chris -

    • With your fingers, unplug the left speaker cable from the motherboard.

    Speakers are connected with solder so removing them is not possible without requiring soldering later on. I left them both connected and instead of removing the motherboard completely I just "hinged" it carefully down to facilitate the work following step 18.

    dietcokediva - Reply

    Thank you for offering this info because I spent 20 minutes between scratching my head and searching for any alternatives to just the image above, which had a wire nut/housing (and mine certainly did not). As I began to have an anxiety attack (

    Missy Leap-Courtney -

    Mine also did not have connectors for the speaker. But like mentioned above, I was able to do repair WITHOUT the need to unsolder the speaker wires. Thanks!

    Louis Bellanca - Reply

    • Remove the right speaker cable that's connected to the motherboard with the tweezers.

    Note that on some units (presumably later ones), the speakers are soldered onto the motherboard.

    Ryan Finnie - Reply

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    • Open the top and bottom clasp that connects the white flex cable to the motherboard with the tweezer.

    • Remove the white flex cable with the tweezers.

    Attention! You have to flip up gently the small plastic cap on top of the ribbon connector. Do not try to slide the plastic cap horizontally. This method holds for all ribbon connectors.

    Marc Peetermans - Reply

    Why is it necessary? The white flex cable doesn’t seem to block the way to the Bluetooth unit.

    metm98 - Reply

    It is a easy step and makes dealing with everything else a little easier.

    Chris -

    • With your fingers, lift and remove bluetooth board.

    • Remove the board carefully as there are still two wires attached.

    These little boards (Bluetooth and NFC) have a small connector but also have double sided tape holding them down. So you may need to apply more force than expected to remove these due to the tape.

    Louis Bellanca - Reply

    • Disconnect the black and white wires off of the back of the bluetooth module.

    One important thing to note here is how the black and white wires are routed to the board. You should take a picture since if you do not route these the same way, the wires can interfere with the button or get trapped when you assemble the case back possible blocking a screw hole.

    Louis Bellanca - Reply

    • Lift and remove the bluetooth module.

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    • Disconnect the analog connector with tweezers.

    The connector on the right side is also on the left side.

    Paulus 68 - Reply

    There was a little tab on the top of the male end of the connectors that I had to push to get them out.

    Reed Deemer - Reply

    • Remove the blue connector using tweezers.

    Looks like there are 2 of these connectors - left and right side

    Louis Bellanca - Reply

    Lift the little gray tab before you pull the blue ribbon out.

    theonlygeezy - Reply

    • Carefully lift the black clasp. It is prone to breaking if only lifted from one point. Remove the brown ribbon by using the tweezers.

    • Unclasp small gray ribbon to the left of the brown ribbon.

    There is also a small connecter on the left side from the big connector.

    Paulus 68 - Reply

    The small connector is the digitizer (touch senor panel) - The large connector is the actual display

    Louis Bellanca - Reply

    For the small connector, lift up the black part on top from this side.

    theonlygeezy - Reply

    • Remove the small orange ribbon with the tweezers.

    These tiny connectors are difficult to see how to manipulate. Similar to other ribbon connectors, there is a lever that flips up to release the ribbon cable. However, unlike the larger connectors, the lever flips up from the opposite side that the connector enters. Run your tweezers up the back side of the connector body, and the grey top should flip to vertical. Then the ribbon cable will slide out.

    Matt Cross - Reply

    This small connector is attached to the screen as well.

    Louis Bellanca - Reply

    What do I do if I broke off the gray top cover that went over the wire things.

    Amber Umphrey - Reply

    You probably don’t need this anymore, but that happened to me a while ago and now i’m gonna have to buy a new motherboard. Your motherboard is as good as done for

    The Boi -

    • Remove these two connectors to the motherboard with your fingers.

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    • Remove the NFC communicator.

    • When removing the NFC communicator, be careful with the small connector on the back side.

    • Remove the small connector plug-in on the back.

    When trying to remove the red and black cords, it came off the green board. Is there a way to reconnect them?

    Judy Swenson - Reply

    I didn't disconnect the cable, isn't really necessary.

    Paulus 68 - Reply

    • Remove the remaining three 5.1 mm screws using the Phillips size #0 screwdriver.

    • Lift and remove the mother board.

    There's a 4th 5.1mm screw along the bottom edge in the middle.

    Bobby Elrod - Reply

    The speakers were soldered as mentioned above, so I carefully folded the motherboard down to facilitate work

    dietcokediva - Reply

    • Remove the four 5.1mm screws using Phillips size #0 screwdriver.

    • Pull the white and black cables away from the display case.

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    • Lift and remove the grey display case with your fingers.

    There are two more screws under the sync component that requires you to disconnect the board and remove it as well. These screws prevent you from lifting out the display case as noted in step 19

    dietcokediva - Reply

    If your display case is black, then you might have these two small screws under the sync PWB. It is best to go ahead and remove the complete assembly and place it in a safe spot. The ribbon cable that connects the 2 boards is fragile.

    susan - Reply

    • Gently with your fingers, press on the front of the display and it will lift up.

    • Remove the display with your fingers.

    To detach the touchscreen assembly from the LCD, just put the parts in a 60 degrees celsius oven for minutes and it will come with the adhesive perfectly ;) (just tested)

    Martial B - Reply

    There is a black plastic trim ring on the front of the screen, on top of the digitizer. While not technically required to it does provide a barrier to crud getting under the edges of the screen and also looks better. It is stuck down with adhesive or double sided tape. You can slowly and gently pry it up from the digitizer, remove the old adhesive and re-stick it down with double-sided scotch tape on the new digitizer. This is possible to do after you have everything re-assembled but is much easier to do BEFORE you reassemble. Just align it to the inside edges of the screen.

    tombuy - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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was really perfect to repair my device. Thank you very much for this help

Bernd Dietrich - Reply

In step 14 - what does the small gray ribbon do? The replacement LCD display that I got in the mail did not have it.

Stacey Hoggard - Reply

Its the touch screen cable. The screen I ordered did not come with one. I had to carefully remove it from my broken display and put it on the new one. Thankfully the touchscreen still works for me.

Terry Moenkhaus -

Very happy with your manual! I've fixed it.

Paulus 68 - Reply

Mine did not come with the touch screen either.

Edwin Kahn - Reply

I replaced the digitizer, as well as the LCD screen. My replacement digitizer came with the wide orange ribbon; however, the tiny touchscreen ribbon is actually orange and fused onto the LCD display (the original was gray and located on the digitizer, not the LCD screen).

Missy Leap-Courtney - Reply

Step 18. There are 4 screws holding the motherboard down not 3

Step 12 and 13 should also be done to both sides

James - Reply

Step 12 and 13: should also tell you to remove the same cables on the other side

Step 18: motherboard has 4 screws not 3

James - Reply

Thank you for this guide! Worked awesome repairing my device. I can add that if you are just replacing a broken screen, the digitizer (if not broken as well) can be removed from the broken (original) LCD screen very carefully, and re-used on the replacement. I took a gamble and only ordered the LCD part replacement but you can get both, or each separately. My is working perfectly and the LCD had been cracked badly. I appreciated the comments from various users on this article as well, pointing out the few things that were missed or not detailed! Still an excellent guide!

Cam B - Reply

My screen was not as bright but all worked on the controller. Anyone else have that issue?

Patrick Bridge - Reply

This guide was one the many online tutorials that truly did help me understand how to disassemble my Wii U. I had a digitizer problem so I had to start where I left off here and find another video on Youtube to follow how to switch this piece out. Hint: Each step has comments, make SURE to read those while disassembling. Good Luck

Carla - Reply

I never repair anything electronic but I was able to do this in one hour. Definitely have a tweezers! And lots of patience for the small small ribbons. I replaced the LCD and reused the touchscreen.

Chris - Reply

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