Many depend on walkers to live their daily lives and continued use can wear down brake cables.

Locate the wire cap near the brake at the bottom of the wheel
  • Locate the wire cap near the brake at the bottom of the wheel

  • Use a set of pliers to remove the wire cap.

    • Be sure to pinch the cap at the base to release the wires.

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Locate the screw that fastens the wire to the brake shoe.
  • Locate the screw that fastens the wire to the brake shoe.

    • The screw is black and is adjacent to the spring hook not connected to the wheel.

  • Use the Phillips (PZ2) Head screwdriver to unscrew the fastening bolt and nut.

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  • Use pliers or wrench to undo nut that secures the wire to the body of the walker

  • Thread the cable wire through the unfastened brake loop and nut.

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  • Unhook the spring connecting the brake shoe to the wheel.

    • If the spring is damaged, you can also completely remove and replace the spring by unhooking to spring on the opposite end.

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  • Unscrew the loose bolt and wire from the body and remove by threading it through the wire.

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  • Thread the cable through the white collar halfway up the body of the walker.

  • Pull the cable sleeve off the cable to expose the metal wires.

    • The cable sleeve is black and plastic with metal caps at each end.

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  • Follow the wire up to the opposite end of the wire that attaches to the brake handle.

  • Use pliers to unfasten the bolt from the plastic handle.

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  • Pull the lower handle out of the plastic casing.

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  • Locate the plastic wire anchor cap and use a pair of pliers to remove the cap.

  • Use the hammer to dislodge the wire anchor.

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  • Completely remove brake handle and wire by threading through the plastic covering

  • Follow instructions in reverse to reassemble.

  • When assembling sleeve, make sure the thicker end (boxed) of the wire is adjacent to the plastic brake handle.

I can't get the brake to hold when it is standing

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The brake cable listed in these instructions is in fact 1.6 mm dia, which is a standard bicycle brake cable, although I’m not sure what kind of bullet it has on the end. So you could also get this at a bike shop.

The brake cable housing is more complicated. Length is 35 inches to the shoulder of the bushing on one end to the shoulder of the bushing on the other end. The outside diameter of the housing is 6.0 mm. Standard bicycle brake cable housings are 4.0 or 5.0 mm in diameter, and their bushings have simple flat ends without shoulders. Thus, it appears that you cannot buy this part at a bike shop. But it looks like they are available from here:

or here:

I recommend putting additional cable ties on the brake cables, especially if the walker is frequently plopped in and out of a car. They tend to catch on things and get bent out of shape.

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