No parts required.

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  • Begin by removing the rubber grip along the handle.

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  • Remove the screws from the top to take the metal piece and plastic part off.

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  • Pry open the plastic cover into two separate pieces. The plastic is very durable so don't worry about breaking it upon prying it open.

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  • Here is the final result. This gives access to the switch button, chip set, battery and motor.

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  • Remove the chip set, motor and battery from the plastic body. This photo shows the motor and wires connecting it to the battery.

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  • Remove the white plastic cover over the chip set allowing the battery to be taken off.

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  • Remove the Lithium Ion Battery and replace it with the new one that you purchased.

This battery has stamped terminals that are soldered to the PCB. Additional steps and tools need to be added to reflect the soldering work that needs to be done to replace this battery.

bob.schwenkler - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Great guide but I made the mistake of buying just a standard 3.7v 750mAh battery to try and fit into the trimmer. The battery in the trimmer has metal terminals "stamped" to each end, so the terminals can't be unsoldered from the battery. I was hoping to just unsolder the existing battery and then solder in the new one but no such luck. New trimmer for me now lol

Dean Miller - Reply

DM, I used a dremel tool with a thin grinding wheel to cut off the metal terminals just below the stamp point. After cutting off the metal terminals below the stamp point, approximately 1/4" inch of the terminals still remained which was just enough to connect the new battery to the remaining metal terminals with a small dab of solder. Little bit more work than I was anticipating but the trimmer works like new again. Found the 3.7v 750mAh battery at for $5 plus about $5.94 for shipping. Hope this helps for you DIYers!!

Dean Lamborn, 10/25/2015

Dean Lamborn - Reply

Is it an 18650 size?

David Drasser -

To Nathan, DM and DL, I was with Nathan until I read about soldering a dremel (which i I own) and cutting off the metal terminals below the stamp point. Can any of you fine 'fixers' show pictures along with the soldering, dremel, cutting, terminals description? I want my Chromado to work like new too! Thanks in advance, Ka

Ka - Reply

I couldnt get the button section off, i didnt know the rubber button grommet comes out and there is a single screw holding this on, it comes off easy after that. then there are two screws hidden undernearth it and it comes apart nice and easy.

Chris Dowling - Reply

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