This guide will show how to replace a defective power button on the Verizon Ellipsis 7.

Power down device by holding down the power button until the screen goes black.
  • Power down device by holding down the power button until the screen goes black.

  • Remove the SIM card from the device to prevent damage.

    • To remove the SIM card, open the SIM card cover on the side of the device.

    • Push SIM card in, then remove after it pops out with an audible click.

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Take off the back panel.
  • Take off the back panel.

    • Pry open the back cover carefully with a plastic opening tool.

    • Use the opening tool to disconnect the cover completely. Do not attempt to pull the back cover off with your hands.

  • Be sure to pry open all sides of the device. Attempting to take off the back cover when part of it is attached may snap the cover.

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  • Remove the charging (micro-USB) port by unscrewing the indicated screws using the Phillips #00 screwdriver.

  • Disconnect the ribbon cable connecting the charging port board to the motherboard using tweezers.

    • Use the tweezers to grab the sides of black, plastic connector. Do not grab from the wires or try to wedge it out from the bottom.

  • Be extremely careful when disconnecting the ribbon cable. It is very delicate.

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  • Disconnect speakers from motherboard.

  • Use the tweezers to carefully disconnect speakers from motherboard.

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  • Disconnect the battery.

  • Use tweezers to carefully disengage connector.

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  • Disconnect the digitizer ribbon cable.

  • Use a nylon spudger to lift back tab.

  • After the back tab has been lifted the cable can be removed with tweezers.

    • When using tweezers, be careful not to damage the ribbon cable.

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  • Disconnect the ribbon cable.

  • Use a nylon spudger to lift tab.

  • After the tab is lifted, the cable can be removed.

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  • Disconnect all antenna cables.

  • Use a nylon spudger to pop the antenna cable from the base.

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  • Remove 9 Phillips #00 screws. The length of 4.76 mm

  • There is 1 Phillips #00 screw that is 3.175mm in length. This screw also has a larger head then the rest of the screws.

    • Note: when reassembling the motherboard, screw the bigger headed screw in the original location.

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  • Remove the motherboard.

  • Locate power button.

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  • Desolder the power button from the motherboard.

    • Learn how to solder and desolder components here!

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I dropped mine and the button is broke. It looks like I should be able to just pop it back, but it's not reaching the button in the tablet. Do I really have to order this just for it to turn on? I mean, I use a paper clip, but I use this for Uber and it's not safe when I'm driving, lol.

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