1. Remove previous ear cushion by rotating the clockwise and pulling it off.
    • Remove previous ear cushion by rotating the clockwise and pulling it off.

    • When reassembling, be sure to line up the locking plates.

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  2. Remove the screws (9.47 mm Phillips head) from the blue plating on the headset to reveal the inside.
    • Remove the screws (9.47 mm Phillips head) from the blue plating on the headset to reveal the inside.

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    Spread Fixmas Cheer
    Get $12 off your purchase of $50 or more with code FIXMAS12
    • If you are working on the LEFT side ear, you will first have to detach the battery by gently unplugging the white plug on the top of the board.

    • Make sure when unplugging the battery to not pull the manilla colored part which is attached to the board, but the white plug instead.

    • If you are working on the RIGHT side ear, you will first have to remove the charging contacts (2 7.92 mm Phillips screws).

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    • Desolder the necessary wires. (Each side will be slightly different.)

    • Be careful when using a soldering iron. Refer to the desoldering guide for tips.

    • For the purpose of this guide we clipped the wires connected to the board.

    • Remove the 4 screws (7.71mm Phillips head) using the #0 screw bit, that are holding the board in place.

    • Finally, remove the audio board.

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    • Remove the battery by carefully prying it from the headset.

    So which Battery do I need?

    Nathan Ross - Reply


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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So there are two batteries in this headset that need to be replaced?

Doug Green - Reply

Also, what battery do I purchase and does anyone know a good source to purchase them?

Doug Green - Reply

Max battery size: 50x36x9mm

Origina battery: 40x30x8mm

The pcm board can be replacement by old battery module.

Dariusz Fukiet - Reply

Only one battery inside. Not sure why this guide takes appart the whole headset.

All steps&pictures related to right side (step 1, 2 and 4) are misleading and unnecessary when doing just battery replacement.

I ordered replacement on aliexpress.

joze_markic_bf - Reply

What part number please and thank you in advance

jon fystro -

Look at Hixon 3.7v Rechargeable Li-polymer battery for MP3. Specific size 40×30×8mm. That looks to be the correct battery.

Eric Phillips - Reply

Hello, I purchased this battery for the replacement on the 800x but it takes a bit of modification.

1200mAh Extended Battery for TomTom One IQ, V2, V3, V4, XL & XL-S GPS Devices (Not compatible with any of the TomTom One N14644 GPS Unit).by MPF Products®


I have tested the headset at full volume and with 2 devices hooked up on bluetooth.

The battery last for about 10-11hrs in till it powers down…… I included a link down below to a drop box folder with pics to give a better idea of how I did the modification.

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m59lgx4jfd40v...

soakman707 - Reply

I found this battery, would it be ok to use? VINTRONS Rechargeable Battery 1200mAh For iPOD 4th Generatio, 616-0183 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00KG71XZI/r...

John -

that might be a bit to long… I had to cut out a little of the plastic toward the bottom to fit the battery that was was 45mm long, 34mm wide, 8mm thick.

soakman707 -

Why did the TomTom battery you purchased require modification? It looks like you bought a 3pin battery, and the turtle beach headset was already a 3pin connector. Where the connectors actually different, and the battery connector purchased off amazon didn’t fit into the headset board?

Patrick Hague -

I did this and it works great. You do have to trim the plastic for proper clearance since the battery is a bit larger. You have to cut and solder the old battery 3 pin connector to the new battery because they are different sizes. But other than that works great. Thanks soakman707

Marc Johnston -

Can you just pop the pins and swap the connectors?

Nathan Ross -

I just used this battery, was very easy. Just had to remove the channels where the wires were on the left side. If this battery is used, instead of cutting and splicing the wires just depin the plugs and swap them.

Mike Pierce -

Yes you can, was very easy I just did it

Mike Pierce -

Ok thanks for getting back to me. Which of the dimension was to big, 45mm? Or 35? I’ve been having a good look around, had no idea it would be so difficult to source a battery lol. The post above dated 19/10/17 regarding dimensions, do you know if the original dimensions are accurate?

John - Reply

51mm is to long. The PCM board with 3 pins(if u have old battery) can be replacement to the new battery. So u don't need 3 cable in new battery. All batteries are the same, only PCM board can be different and pins size.

Cables in original battery:

Red +

Black -

Blue Thermistor

Dariusz Fukiet -

Thanks for the advice, I think I've found one that will be perfect.

John -

I put a new one in that’s 1500mAh and it lasts a long time. I bought it from a Chinese battery manufacturer and the size or part number is 903040 (9mmx30mmx40mm). Just needed to solder old battery circuit board to new battery.

troy -

I'm modifying to external 18650 battery 3100 mah should last 36hrs

jon fystro - Reply

Can you give link where you bought that battery?

Shahreyz -

Just did this.. took all of 10 minutes not including the time it took for the iron to get hot. To replace the battery you only need to work on the left side as said above and you don’t need to de-solder anything from the board. Skip step 4!

In order to keep the battery from rattling around you need to use some double faced foam tape and apply it as it was done on the original battery. Be sure to use heat shrink tubing when you splice so you don’t short against the pcb board.

Works great!

PS: if you don’t want to get inside the headphones to replace the battery just use a standard usb power bank battery and stuff it in your shirt pocket. Works for hours and hours! I did this for a month waiting to have the time to do the replacement.

Carl Geers - Reply

I replaced mine with a 1500mAh and here are the details if someone wants to contact the supplier.

Need-For-Power Motor Co., Ltd.


Note to Need-For-Power Motor Co., Ltd.

LiPo Battery LP903040 1,500mAh 3.7V with protection circuit and wires 50mm 1pc: USD15.00/pc (Sample fee) Shipping fee: USD 25.00 to most of the countries. Total: USD 40.00.

Warning just use old circuit board as you need all 3 wires for it to charge.

troy - Reply

I contacted the lot your are talking about and yes they do this battery and I ordered one and installed it today. Yes skip step 4 and did the following specific for this battery only: Desoldered the old battery cards off each battery and swapped the old 3 wired battery card onto the new battery and installed it as per the steps above in guide. At this stage it works completely fine including charging. I will leave another message here after a month to update you all on its average battery life.


Any one in the uk managed to source a replacement battery for the 800x? Most of the ones I’ve seen look to only have 2 wires instead of the 3 on the current battery. If need to do something extra with regard to reusing the existing 3 pin connector can someone provide some instructions for this too? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m no expert when it comes to these things :-)

Rich - Reply

I’ve gone ahead and ordered 2 off ebay and hope they are fine and will work, the 2 I’ve ordered are:




Rich -

Did you get the battery to work

claude1979 -

Will the ps4 controller battery work???

widow_maker1980 - Reply

Used this as a resource, and I had a few comments on the tutorial:

1 - You don’t need to desolder anything

2 - Battery is in the left ear cup

3 - upon reassembly be sure to test the buttons, it is easy to misalign, as they are plastic rods that go from the face of the ear cup to the circuit board.

4 - I used a 1500mAh battery, this one:


it fits without any modification to the headset plastic. All I had to do was cut the wires from the battery and solder to the wires on the connector. Red = Red, Black = Black, Blue = Yellow.

5 - Original battery is affixed with double sided tape, I used Velcro to provide flexible positioning.

Russell Mezger - Reply

Not sure if anyone is keeping up on this thread or not, but I want to replace the battery in my Elite 800 (not X). I have a soldering kit, but if possible I’d like to just unplug the old battery and plug in a new one without cutting any wires or soldering (my soldering skills are rudimentary at beast, lol). Is this possible or is the original plug in the headset custom/proprietary? If anyone could answer this or provide a link to a battery which I could just swap, plug and play style, I’d much appreciate it. Cheers!

japanpenpal0904 - Reply

Unfortunately there is no available battery that you can just swap in without having to cut the old battery wires (unless you can get a donor headset to rip the battery out of). Turtle Beach wasn’t thinking about user-end repairs and never thought it necessary to provide replacement parts for the 800(x) headsets. If it were still under warranty they would just send you a new pair (unless it was like a plate or ear pad that needed to be replaced.)

The battery I went with (which you will need to cut and solder) was this: https://www.amazon.com/AOTU-1500mAh-Repl...

(Thanks to @mez_jr for suggesting it)

~12 hours of usage on full charge and fits nicely where the old battery was, needs a little bit of foam tape so that it doesn’t slide around in the casing.


Thanks for the reply. That seems to be the one everyone is going for. My main concern (not being that sophisticated in my knowledge of Li-ion batteries or electronics) was that the wh rating differs from the original battery. Original battery seems to indicate 3.7v and 3.7 wh at 1000mah whereas this one is 3.7v 5.55Wh 1500mah. The extra mah would just result in longer battery life I assume, but does a different wattage produce a chance for danger/fire/charging issues/etc? I’d hate to be enjoying a game when my left ear explodes or catches fire. This is really a shame that they were so shortsighted on longterm use of the headset as it’s really a nice headset other than the battery life issue.

japanpenpal0904 -

I replaced my battery with one I pulled from an aftermarket PDP afterglow PS3 controller.


Its the perfect size.


The controller battery is 2 wires so I took the protection circuit off the old battery and connected the new battery to it. (Headset will not charge battery if there is no 3rd wire.)


Now essentially have double the protection.


Front Of Battery:



Back Of Battery:



Battery Pulled From Controller:


coolshrimp - Reply

some body can tell me if this one is good


Mike - Reply

Yes that one looks good based on the dimensions.

mzb -

I live in the UK, does anybody have a link to a battery that will fit in my Elite 800’s? I have tried to order the Aotu batteries from Amazon but there are non available here & it wont allow me to order to deliver to the uk

jordan - Reply

This one looks exactly like the one I bought, just higher mAh. Should fit.

1500mAh Polymer Lithium-ion Rechargeable Replacement Battery for Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitors https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07JZL36C5/r...

mzb -

I just replaced mine with this:

Infant Optics DXR-8 Rechargeable... https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00EDQ6LZ0?ref=...

Fits perfectly. I had to cut the wires and splice them together onto the new battery. I dont have a soldering iron and so just decided to do the splice method.

I basically did the exact procedure that soakman707 did above except I didn’t have to cut the plastic from the earpiece because the battery I bought fit perfectly.

mzb - Reply

Just performed this. Used the battery found in previous comment (Russel Mezger) from Amazon. Didn't desolder anything from the board or splice. I desoldered the wires from the new and old battery and swapped them. Works perfectly.

John Doe - Reply

Would anyone know if this size would fit? 1.9 x 1.5 x 0.4 inches. I'm willing to make modifications to where the battery housing is. It's the 1800 mAh version of the Infant Optics DXR-8 Rechargeable battery from Amazon, which from what I hear fits perfectly. Just trying to find out from someone who has done the swap if it might be possible. Having that much battery life wouldn't be too bad.

Alen - Reply

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