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Flip over the controller.
  • Flip over the controller.

  • Then, unscrew the 7 screws holding it together.

  • There are no screws hiding under the sticker, so there is no need to rip it off or punch a hole in it (like i tried to do in a previous attempt)

  • After removing the screws, just pull the back off of the controller. There aren't any cables attached to it.

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First, unplug the battery connector
  • First, unplug the battery connector

  • Then, undo the 8 clips that hold the board to the front casing with the flathead driver.

  • For the lower clips, you might need a slightly bigger flathead.

  • After that, just lift the board up.

  • Be careful not to break the wires that go to the vibration motors, as they are soldered to the board.

  • To remove the vibration motors, just pull them out, being careful not to break the wires.

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  • Remove the screws holding the D-pad and buttons to the front case, carefully prying them out with your flathead. To remove the shoulder buttons, just pull them out.

  • Unfortunately, the clear lenses through which the status LEDs shine are glued onto the case and are not removable.

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  • You now have a fully disassembled controller, ready to be repaired or modified

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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