If your cooling fan fails or your computer overheats easily, it might be time to upgrade or replace your cooling fan.

Slide the lock tabs outward. The right tab will lock into place, but the left tab must be held in place.
  • Slide the lock tabs outward. The right tab will lock into place, but the left tab must be held in place.

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When you hear a click, lift up and pull out the battery.
  • When you hear a click, lift up and pull out the battery.

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  • Use a plastic opening tool to lift out keyboard lining portion located at the top of the keyboard.

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  • Remove the 3.6 mm Phillips head PH000 screws securing the keyboard.

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  • Use plastic opening tool to pry out the keyboard, starting by the 'delete' key in the top right corner.

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  • Lift the keyboard up and locate the ribbon.

  • Gently pull the ribbon out of its compartment to release it from the motherboard.

From here, how to remove covers?

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  • Once the battery is removed, locate and unscrew the 3.2 mm PH1000 Phillips head screws that are underneath the battery.

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  • Unscrew all 6.7 mm PH1 Phillips head screws marked "F6" located on the back of your computer.

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  • Remove the wire and ribbon by gently pulling them out from the motherboard.

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  • Pry open and remove the protective casing by using any flat-headed utensil at the hinges to expose the motherboard. You should hear it click when it unlatches.

  • Repeat this same process on the other hinge.

  • Be gentle when prying open this component to avoid damaging your laptop.

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  • Unscrew all screws attached to the motherboard including the 3 following types of screws: Phillips head PH1 4.9 mm, 10.7 mm, and 4.3 mm.

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  • Remove all wired components that are connected to the motherboard preventing its removal.

  • Some of these components need specific steps to disconnect them to avoid damages.

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  • Push the head of the ZIF ribbon cable gently using a spudger until it detaches from the connector.

  • ZIF cable means zero insertion force. This means that no force is needed to plug in or remove the cable.

  • Repeat this step for the second ZIF ribbon cable.

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  • Pull the cable straight out from the connector to disconnect it.

  • To reinstall the cable, hold it near the end and push it straight into the connector, being careful not to kink the cable.

  • Push each side of the sliding connector using the tip of a spudger carefully.

  • Repeat previous step for bottom part of the sliding connector.

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  • Pry the antenna cable connector straight up from the board using the flat edge of a spudger.

  • Repeat the previous step for the second antenna cable.

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  • Slide out the disc drive so that it is not obstructing the removal of the motherboard.

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  • Place both hands on the front and right side of the motherboard, using your thumb and index finger, pinch it off of the latches.

  • Lift the motherboard up once the latches are detached.

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  • Flip the motherboard over and locate the fan.

  • Unscrew the two Phillips head PH1 4.3 mm screws connecting the fan to the motherboard and pull up on the 3 colored wires until they are detached.

  • Lift the fan up and slide it out from the motherboard. Now you are ready to put in your new fan.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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