How to replace the display assembly on the Telstra Dave 4G ZTE T83.

Remove the four H2 screws from the back of the phone. Do not lose the black rubber rings on the screws.
  • Remove the four H2 screws from the back of the phone. Do not lose the black rubber rings on the screws.

  • Remove the two H2 screws, on either side of the phone. Do not lose the red seal that are on the screws.

  • Using a prying tool work off the back of the case. Ensuring not to lose the port covers. Be careful to note the position of connector covers. Have the tabs at the end of the connectors in place before clipping the phone completely back together.

It's a bit tricky getting the cover off as the glue around the speaker doesn't want to let go! Note: There are small clips around the edge - work from each of the ports and lever the yellow edge gently out and away from the thin black edge around the screen, starting from near the side screw holes.

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Remove the two black Philips head screws from the battery connector cover.
  • Remove the two black Philips head screws from the battery connector cover.

  • Lift the battery cover away from the logic board

Note: The black screws could be under a thin white plastic cover and are above the red circles shown here.

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  • Disconnect the battery connector from the logic board. Do so by inserting a flat tool under the wires on the indicated side and wedging it up off the logic board.

  • Then remove the double sided tape using the blue tabs provided. Simply grab a tab and pull until it comes out tweezers are really good for beginning the process.

  • These pull tabs will need to be replaced with double sided tape on reassembly.

Pulling the tabs is optimistic! I carefully levered the battery up with a fine (but strong) screw driver. The glue strips used are very tacky and I managed to leave most of them in place and simply stuck the new battery back onto the existing strips. Note: The old battery bent a bit as it came out but still indicates that it is holding a bit of a charge.

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  • Remove two black Phillips head screws and remove the back speaker assembly.

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  • Disconnect the digitizer cable from is socket, flip the brown clasp up from indicated edge and gently remove the cable.

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  • Be careful of LCD connector on the underside of the board through all of these steps (see green).

  • Separate the logic board from front display. Apply heat to the front glass to loosen the adhesive, using a prying tool to separate the board. Be careful and move slowly, it is very strong.

  • Be careful to remove the display first from the right side as there are clips along the left side.

  • Ensure not to damage the LCD cable, remove once accessible by releasing the brown clasp from indicated side.

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  • Carefully remove front speaker from the display assembly with spudger tool, can be accessed from indicated side.

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  • Display assembly should be fully separated, and be able to be replaced

  • Reassemble phone by following steps in reverse, using double sided tape where required to hold logic board and battery in place.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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how do you lift the battery with the blue tabs , its very hard to lift the battery i think i might have damaged the battery , it's kinda soft and not rigid like other phone batteries and stuck to the board ?

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Hi Chrisorius. You do not lift the battery with the tabs. The tabs are meant to be pulled so they come out from between the battery and the logic board. Then you should be able to lift the battery off the board with ease. Doesn't always work that way though, so have a pair of tweezers handy so you can grab the ends of the tabs to continue to pull them out. It is better to persevere with this than to lift your battery and damage it or your logic board.

Cheers Wayne

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