We are going to remove the bottom casing of the Tefal Actifry to replace the motor that turns the chips when cooking.

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  • This is the Tefal Actifry as it would sit when being used. You will need to turn it upside down to see the three security screws that need to be removed. I have circled them in red here. The next photo shows a closeup of one of the screws.

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  • Next remove the three screws and the little fan cover at top end of the unit. I gently prised it off with a butter knife. This allows the bottom plastic cover of the Actifty to come off, from the fan end first, then it slips over the lid release buttons and off.

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  • The motor is now exposed with the bottom cover removed. There are two security screws, the same size as the ones on the outside cover that need removed. There are two wires that need removed from the old motor and inserted into the new motor. The new can be secured in place and tightened with the screws.

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  • When the wires are inserted snugly into the new motor and all is secure the bottom can be put back on the Actifry. Remember to slip it on in reverse of how you removed it. I had a little trouble getting it over the buttons, but it will with a little manipulation.

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  • I took my old motor apart to see why it wouldn't work. I discovered a circular magnet in the bottom, underneath the cogs etc. Upon closer inspection I seen it was cracked and a little pull and it came apart. It made it's way to the bin.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Declan Green

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Thank you for the great guide. I'd like to mention a few things I discovered disassembling my actifry while following your instructions:

* the screws on my unit were regular torx - ie not security torx which have the pin in the middle that require bits with a corresponding hollow hole.

* the fan cover is made of very brittle plastic and is easy to break when trying to pry off.

* the fan cover is held by 3 tabs at the 9, 3, and 12'o clock positions. It is easiest to pry from the the tabs at 9 and 3'o clock positions.

ifabri - Reply

Thank you!! I am not at all DIY minded. I ordered a part for £12 on amazon, founder a screwdriver in my husband's toolbox, and fixed my actifry in under 5 minutes. Fab guide thank you!

Angharad - Reply

Hi I've just fitted a new motor but now not getting hot. Do you think I need to replace element too? Also my friend has an actifry with same problem but can't find a motor for the model AL806240. Any ideas where she can get one. The wires seem to sit differently than mine. Thank you

Jean Hennedy - Reply

Thanks, saved time figuring out exactly how to do it - though you need a couple of more pictures in the guide. I had to deform the case a bit in order to clear over the fan otherwise it cannot slip over the fan - people be careful not to stress the fan assembly: you should slide the case without touching the fan.

In my case, the security screws *just* got unscrewed by a not-security screwdriver bit so I just replaced them with normal philips ones on reassembly.

MiKa - Reply

Muchas gracias. Pude arreglar mi Actifry gracias a su guía... Resulto perfecta,.

Resulta un poco difícil abrirla por los seguros plásticos, pero al final se pudo (uno se me rompió).

Best regard..

Arturo Miguel - Reply

The stirring motor in my Actifry stopped turning. When I removed the motor there was a lot of black sludge around the motor's output shaft and brown nicotine colored sludge covering the top of the motor and leaking right out the bottom of the motor.

Seeing as the motor was of no use as it was, I carefully bent back the tabs and lifted the top containing the gear train off the motor. The whole inside was also coated in the thick gooey sludge.

The motor shaft itself was free to turn when powered up. So I cleaned up the gears and shafts with lacquer thinner which quickly evaporates and lubricated them. After reassembling the motor and bending the tabs back down, I was back in business.

I noticed that the smaller Actifry model has much less of a build-up than the larger unit. The smaller model has a rubber seal at the bottom of the paddle, while the larger unit does not, allowing the sludge to accumulate quicker in the larger model which has a timer power off function, which I love.

John Cook - Reply

During the disassembly I accidentally let go of the wires attached to the motor. They're the same length and bend the same way. Does it make any difference which one goes where. I've senn one goes to J6 and one to J7 on the main board. Thx

Tho - Reply

Great advice, many thanks. I found my Actifry had the security torx screws, thought about it for a bit then used a fine centre punch and hammer to remove the little pins in the centre of the screws. It took a little care but meant that the torx screws came out easily. I also found that my motor was fine, it was just the drive shaft whose centre was driven clean, that did not engage to the motor. A very cheap fix but you do have to take the thing to pieces first.

David Merrett - Reply

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