I've found zero tutorials or references online on how to do this. Hopefully, this simple tutorial helps people who wish to replace their OEM head unit.


No parts required.

  1. Use soft disassemble tools to remove the bezels hiding the screws.
    • Use soft disassemble tools to remove the bezels hiding the screws.

  2. Pull it like a drawer.
    • Pull it like a drawer.

    • Disconnect the connectors.

    • Unscrew mounting plates from original headunit to custom headunit.

    • Screw the mounting plates on to your custom head unit.

    • Add the unit's bezel.

    • You will need an adapter from Suzuki's headunit connection to generic connection.

    • Return the AC grill, screws and bezels.

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Jossef Harush

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Thanks for this, exactly what ive been looking for. I dont suppose you'd know the type of adapter necessary to connect the suzuki plug to an after market stereo? Thanks again for the guide!

robmatheson72 - Reply

Here is one sold under the type code CT20SZ02. Looks like this type of connector is used in a lot of recent Suzuki models, so they should be available from other stores (using other names).

knipwim -

Absolutely brilliant guide. Thanks. Had to purchase a different harness adaptor for my 14 alto sz3. It says on the packet the harness is for Honda Acc 9/98> but this fits and works 100%. Available from Halfords it is item PC2-68-4. Once again many thanks for the guide.

Bryan Tucker - Reply

Thanks Jossef Harush for such a detailed guide. It really helps me a lot but at last due to some reasons the connection cable tear out and I have to reach out Gomechanic team for the replacement with a genuine wire. Love their service as well as your guide too.

kasmira khandelwal - Reply

Thanks so much for this guide.

We have removed the screws on the head unit but it will not pull out at all, it seems completely stuck. Any suggestions on how to remove it or something we are missing?

James Insalaco - Reply

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